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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

On Tuesday, we inducted five more Brewers players into the DoU Hall of Greatness. They included Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Cecil Cooper, Gorman Thomas, and Rollie Fingers. It’s not surprising so many merited induction, and it’s also not surprising that Jim Gantner, Teddy Higuera, and Ben Oglivie were very close to the requisite 65% needed for induction.

We now move to the 1990s. This decade is largely considered part of the Dark Ages of Brewers’ baseball, but that doesn’t mean some great players didn’t come through Milwaukee during that time period. We’re hoping to turn back the clocks and recognize some of those players for their achievements.

So, let’s get down to it. For those who have not yet cast a ballot for the DoU Hall of Greatness, here are the guidelines:

(1) You may vote for up to ten individuals, and your ballot is not restricted to players. You may vote for players, managers, or owners.

(2) The individual must have played in Milwaukee for at least three seasons.

(3) An individual needs 65% of the vote to be inducted into the DoU Hall of Greatness and must receive at least 5% of the vote to be included on next year’s ballot.

(4) You have up to ten votes per ballot.

As before, send in your ballots to Include “DoU Hall of Greatness” in your subject line, and list which players for whom you’re voting in the body of the email. The voting will close for this era on Tuesday at 1:00pm central time.

Here are some of the names you might consider for your ballot. This is not an exhaustive list, however, so please take some time to research some of the past Brewers teams. After all, that’s the overarching point of this project.

B.J. Surhoff
Bill Wegman
Jeff Cirillo
Greg Vaughn
Jeremy Burnitz
Dave Nilsson
Jose Valentin
Kevin Seitzer
Darryl Hamilton
John Jaha
Fernando Vina
Jaime Navarro
Cal Eldred
Scott Karl
Steve Woodard
Mike Fetters
Ricky Bones
Bob Wickman
Doug Jones (four partial seasons)

I once again look forward to reading your ballots. Remember to send your ballots to before the voting deadline, which is Tuesday, February 12 at 1:00pm central time. Happy voting!

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