DoU Podcast Episode 20: Draft and More | Disciples of Uecker

Disciples of Uecker

We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Steve Garczynski joins Vineet Barot as they discuss the draft, strength of the bench and starting pitching .

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. dbug says: June 9, 2014

    Lumping Jungmann and Bradley in with Arnett is not really fair. Jungmanm and Bradley have both advanced further than Arnett ever did. Both Jungmanm and Bradley have been pretty good this year and have both advanced a level. It’s understandable to be disappointed that they haven’t advanced faster, but they certainly aren’t drafts busts.

    • dbug says: June 9, 2014

      All right, I’m also going to be that nitpicking guy. Krod wasn’t given a qualifying offer. That situation pre-dated qualifying offers. Krod was offered arbitration, which was what teams did in order to obtain draft pick compensation at the time.

    • Vin B says: June 9, 2014

      Yes! I looked that up and totally schooled Steve through an email exchange later.

    • Vin B says: June 9, 2014

      The comment about Jungman etc. is fair. However those weren’t my comments. I was referencing this article from :

    • Steve Garczynski says: June 9, 2014

      I had messages from both Vineet and Ryan waiting for me this morning.

      Considering that Jungmann and Bradley were drafted to move quickly, I stand by calling them busts.

      • dbug says: June 9, 2014

        That’s kind of silly. Jimmy Nelson was a second round pick drafted 2 years earlier and he still hasn’t managed to stick in the majors. Would anyone call him a bust at this point? Calling a couple of pitchers busts just because they didn’t make the big leagues within two years says more about unrealistic expectations than it does about their performance. Arnett never made it above High A in five seasons, Jungmann is in AAA and Bradley in AA in half as much time. Lumping them all together just seems lazy.

      • Steve Garczynski says: June 10, 2014

        I don’t have a problem with you disagreeing with me.

        This was the quick report from Baseball Prospectus on Bradley less than a month ago:

        “Jed Bradley, RHP, Brewers (Brevard County, A+): 9 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 3 K. It’s taken longer than expected, and a third straight trip to the Florida State League, but Bradley is finally getting the results expected from a former 15th-overall pick. He no longer possesses the stuff that got him drafted that high, but he’s throwing strikes consistently for the first time as a professional, so it’s something to work with, at least.”

        Just because these guys are getting some more positive results doesn’t mean that they’re legitimately on track to contribute in the major leagues. Jungmann may not be a lost cause, but it sure sounds like Bradley’s stuff just won’t play as he moves up. The recent promotions for both pitchers has produced mixed results.

        • dbug says: June 10, 2014

          Time will tell, I guess. A larger question worthy of discussion might be what is the cost/benefit of drafting a pitcher early and think tinkering with his mechanics? If I recall, Jungmann and Bradley both had arm slot questions that the Brewers wanted to fix. Will they do the same with Mederios, or have they determined that is counter-productive?


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