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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Hot topics this week tended to focus on Jonathan Lucroy’s second half surge at the plate, and who the Brewers can look to trade in the offseason. Add in the signs of a Ryan Braun resurgence, and it’s clear that the final month of the season will be spent looking toward 2016 and beyond. Good seats should still be available for the few remaining games at Miller Park in September.


10. What Cait Ate: “The Chili Cheese Davis Burger” is back and other September Specials at AJ Bombers

Caitlin Moyer, Cait Covers the Bases – 8/31/15

Normally I wouldn’t post about menu updates at Miller Park, but this really bothered me. The Chili Cheese Davis Burger (burger patty, cheese, chili, jalapeños and avocados) is named after Khris Davis, but Chili Davis A) exists, and B) he was awesome. A burger that better represents Khris Davis would have crushed tater tots and noodles on it.


9. Aramis Ramirez fondly recalls time at Miller Park

Todd Rosiak, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – 9/2/15

He’s 37-years old and was traded to a playoff contender in July. Things are going all right for Aramis Ramirez in Pittsburgh as he wraps up his final season before retiring. Plus, Brewers fans cheered for Ramirez when he hit a couple home runs in the series. I was surprised to see that his career line against the Brewers is only .270/.339/.512 with 36 home runs in 710 plate appearances. It sure feels like he hit about 100 home runs against the Brewers.


8. Milwaukee Brewers should add 3B Mike Olt to the fold

Kyle Lesniewski, Reviewing the Brew – 9/1/15

Remember when Mike Olt was the prize prospect on the trade market in 2012? Remember when the Brewers had to settle for Jean Segura from the Angels when dealing Zack Grienke? Well, that crafty Canadian in Milwaukee’s front office must have know that if he just waited until September of 2015, he could get Mike Olt when he’s released by the Cubs. For a rebuilding team without a third base prospect near the majors, Olt would be a decent low-risk add if they can get him. Just don’t expect much.


7. What do the Brewers do with Matt Garza after 2015?

Curt Hogg, – 8/31/15

Hogg lays out three options for handling Matt Garza in the offseason. The Brewers could stay the course and hope for a bounce back, find a team willing to take on his contract and receive little in return, or dump him and eat the remaining $25 million. Let’s be honest, no one is going to want Matt Garza, so pencil him in for the 2016 starting rotation and pray that he puts together a decent run through the All-Star Break.


6b. Lucroy delivers clutch single, extends streak

Andrew Gruman, – 8/31/15

After a slow start to August, Lucroy’s picked up his production with an 8-game hitting streak through Sunday, and a power surge at the same time. Gruman says Lucroy’s had some bad luck this year with a hard-hit ball percentage at 34.9%, a little higher than last season. I don’t think hitting line drives is the issue this year. His line drive and ground ball percentages are up this season, but he’s seen a 35.7% in 2014 to 29.6% in 2015.


6a. Jonathan Lucroy’s offense is going to be okay

Derek Harvey, BP Milwaukee – 8/28/15

Harvey glances at Lucroy’s numbers at the plate this year to try and figure out where his power has gone. He notes that Lucroy only had 51 plate appearances before the broken toe, and took a month to start showing some power again after he returned. I’d argue that the 53 doubles he hit in 2014 probably pointed to a regression as well.


5. Scooter Gennett: A Brewers Quest for Discipline

David Laurila, – 9/3/15

Scooter has had a tough season at the plate, so it’s forced him to make adjustments to his approach. Gennett talks about toning down his aggressiveness, and understanding that changing habits is a process that won’t happen overnight.


4. Brewers Draft: Jack & Bruce (Parts 1-3)

Nicholas Zettel, Disciples of Uecker – 8/31-9/2/15

It’s a three part series on the Brewers drafts under former Scouting Directors Jack Zduriencik and the late Bruce Seid, two men who lead all but one draft during Doug Melvin’s tenure in Milwaukee. It is not a series about the songwriting and awesome bass lines laid down by the the late Jack Bruce. That would also be a great series to dig into.


3. The Birth Pangs of Bernie Brewer

Frank Jackson, The Hardball Times – 8/28/15

Wait…Bernie Brewer started out as a stunt to attract fans to County Stadium to watch a terrible team struggle through their first season in Milwaukee? I always thought that he was an accurate depiction of the first German settlers to the area, and probably related to Jacob Best. Also, Bernie and his assistant may have been used to steal signs for a season in the early 70’s.


2. Top-5 offseason trade candidates for the Brewers

J.P. Breen, BP Milwaukee – 8/31/15

Everyone loves a list, and everyone likes to trade their worst player for some other team’s best prospect. J.P. doesn’t make guesses on who the Brewers will acquire, but he does lay out some good reasons why these are the top five guys likely to be moved by the Brewers this offseason.  I still say that no one is going to want Matt Garza.


1. Ryan Braun’s August inspires hope for the future

Noah Jarosh, Brew Crew Ball – 9/1/15

Can Ryan Braun still hit? Will his the health of his thumb deteriorate trying to play 162 games? How awful is that contract extension going to look over the next five season? Jarosh points to Braun’s August production as a reason to be optimistic moving forward. The extension may not be a bargain moving forward, but Braun could hit enough that it won’t be an albatross either.


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