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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

The greatest aftermath stemming from the Brewers trading of Norichika Aoki to Kansas City for Will Smith wasn’t the effect it had on the starting rotation or the outfield depth, but rather on the more important things in life: Aoki lost his bobblehead day on June 29 to Scooter Gennett. 

Despite only having appeared in 69 games, it showed Gennett’s continued rise in the depth chart and the eyes of the organization and the fans. It’s not often a player gets his own bobblehead after 230 plate appearances, but, then again, not everyone is named Scooter.

Here are some ways the Brewers marketing department can make sure it’s not the creepiest thing ever.

  1. The Brewers spend a few more bucks to upgrade it to a life-sized Scooter bobblehead. More lifelike and still fits on your desk at work!
  2. 5,000 lucky fans randomly get a special edition “Scoots McGee” bobblehead that comes with a voice recording of Ron Roenicke saying “Scootsy”.
  3. Instead of holding a bat or a glove in his hands, Scooter is holding a cheese grater because he’s so #gritty.
  4. Scooter’s got a wad of dip in his mouth, because of course.
  5. The term ‘bobblehead doll’ is taken literally and the Brewers make a plush Scoots McGee doll that both myself and Doug Melvin can cuddle up with at night.
  6. Fans like our very own Ryan Topp can exchange their bobblehead for a #TeamRickie banner, bumper sticker, and window cling.
  7. Make Scooter’s hat too big and get this exact smirk down to the finest detail.
  8. The bobblehead is platooned with a Rickie Weeks bobblehead of its own.
  9. The bobblehead is in literally this exact same pose.
  10. 5,000 lucky fans also get a bobblehead of Scooter on a, wait for it, scooter. Vroom vroom, Scoots McGee.

You knew that last one was coming. You just had to.

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