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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Last night, the Brewers and Cardinals played on ESPN. Nationally televised games obviously garner more attention from markets outside Wisconsin, so it was interesting to hear the ESPN commentators talk about Ryan Braun and his PED suspension to such a wide audience.

ESPN released a transcript of comments made by Dan Shulman, Orel Hershiser and John Kruk.

Dan Shulman: “There’s the suspension, there’s what he did to deserve the suspension, there’s the statement as opposed to sitting in front of microphones and taking questions. There’s been very little public face time for Ryan Braun. How do you guys look at the whole situation, the whole scenario with Ryan?”

John Kruk: “The last time he had a public statement about P.E.D.’s he kind of fibbed to all of us. He was very believable, that Spring Training day in 2012 was very believable. I walked out of there thinking ‘I believe the guy.’ Now I don’t think there’s anything he can say to the fans or anyone else that would make him believable at this point”.

Orel Hershiser: “I got to spend some time with him right after that [Braun press conference] during the season and I’ll tell you what, I rode in a golf cart around the ballpark and he was in the golf cart for about five minutes and I said to him, ‘I’m going to go on the air tonight and I’ll support you if you tell me you didn’t do it.’ He said ‘I didn’t do it.’ He gave me five minutes about how he didn’t do it. It’s not only disappointing for me, it’s personal. I got lied to within about two feet of each other.”

Shulman: “The great unknown is what are the numbers going to be next year? How good of a ball player will he be? How long was he doing it?”

Hershiser: “I would love to see someone finally step forward and give some of the money back. I would love to see the players – I know the Players Association and agents wouldn’t allow it – but for complete redemption say, ‘you know what? I set some standards taking this stuff. And – if I don’t approach those standards – then let’s give some of the money back.’ It’s hurt the organization, its hurt baseball, it’s hurting the salary structure, it’s hurting everybody.”

Kruk: “You sign a guy that you believe is not on P.E.D.’s and he is, then all of a sudden he gets caught and decides ok, I’m not going to take them anymore, you aren’t getting that player….you can forgive a guy for making a bad choice, it’s hard to forgive a guy for basically coming out in Spring Training and lying to everyone. And not only lying, but basically ruining a guy’s life – the collector. That guy’s life has got to be a living you know what. I think fans can forgive Jason Giambi and Andy Pettitte. Those guys have been forgiven because they have come out and said ‘yes, I did it.’ They were honest about it. But I think people don’t want to be lied to. If you did it, say ‘yes, I did it’ and if you’re caught, admit it.”

This segment didn’t advance the Braun discourse in any meaningful way, but such comments made to a national audience are always noteworthy and provoke discussion. It’s also discouraging that these comments made more news than the Brewers’ victory in a tight National League postseason race.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Nicholas Zettel says: September 24, 2013

    I love the calls for someone to finally come clean from two players that worked during a time of unchecked, untested PED-use in baseball. How many members of Kruk’s and Hershiser’s teams used PEDs? Now that’s something someone should come clean about.

  2. Cecil Cooper's Love Child says: September 24, 2013

    I understand Hershiser when he talks about being lied to from 2 feet away. I think that is the part that bothers most Brewers fans.

    I know that personally, I supported Braun against a bunch of Cardinals and Cubs fans. Now, I look a bit foolish.

    I am fine with the PR efforts that Braun is making in his ‘offseason’. I hope that the PR turns into performance next season because that is the only way that he, and I, will be able to save face next year.

  3. Chinatown says: September 24, 2013

    I have been saying he should give back half of his salary, since the stuff hit the fan. This would demonstrate contrition, for the prodigal son. In addition, after 2014 season is over, he should ask Mark to re-do his deal based on his numbers. However, as he was proved to be clean in 2012, and if he can accept the jeering as he goes from park to park, I would surmise the numbers would be 30/100+………….but time will tell.

  4. frogger6 says: September 24, 2013

    “it’s also discouraging that these comments made more news than the Brewers’ victory in a tight National League postseason race.”

    Um… You make it sound like the brewers are in the race.
    As for braun, if his use goes back to college days then he really screwed the brewers. Too bad we cant go back and keep fielder instead.

  5. Big Lance says: September 24, 2013

    Using the PEDs- I can come to grips with that- But lying to everybody to their face including his partner Aaron Rodgers,Teamates,Freinds ,Anyalysts, Lying about the people who did the tests.

    One word- Garbage- This guy is a piece of Garbage- Period!!!!!

    • Luke says: September 24, 2013

      Yes lying is the worst thing a person can do. Just the absolute worst. Like he looked in these people’s face and told them something he KNEW was NOT true! The nerve! Unforgivable! I’d rather he be that professional athlete that beats his girlfriend instead. It’s obviously not a big deal since they wouldn’t suspend you for it.

  6. John T says: September 25, 2013

    As a fan from Milwaukee going back to the Braves, I have never experienced anything like what Braun did to Milwaukee. Not only did he disgrace himself, he disgraced the city. If he was sincere now (which I don’t know if he is capable) – he should tear up his contract and shop his services somewhere else. The Brewers have a lot of young players who shouldn’t be overshadowed by his shame.

    • Big Lance says: September 25, 2013

      John T you nailed it- Everywhere Milw goes next year- Braun will be the card- Milw obviously needs to rebuild. They have to see who and what is going to be the future

  7. Bob Hale says: September 26, 2013

    OK, I get it. Ryan Braun used performance enhancing drugs and lied about it. Obviously, there is nothing he can say or do that will redeem his reputation in the eyes of many people. My advice to him would be to play baseball and say nothing. He has admitted making mistakes and he has apologized. He will be disparaged and booed. If he plays well, many Brewers fans will acknowledge his contribution to the team and move on. Personally, I hope he plays well.


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