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FanGraphs Team Preview

By on March 2, 2011

FanGraphs is previewing all 30 teams over next couple of weeks. I provided the Brewers entry, which can be seen here. It’s nothing terribly profound, as this is more geared to the general baseball fan as opposed to those who follow the team on a daily basis. However, you just might find an interesting nugget in there (probably the part on Prince Fielder and clutch.) Enjoy!

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  1. Michael says: March 3, 2011

    Not that I don’t totally appreciate your analysis, but I was kind of hoping another fangraphs writer would do the Brewers’ preview. I already know fans of the team are excited for the prospects, but an extra outside view would have been nice.

    You being a fan of the Brewers didn’t necessarily become evident in the reading the piece, but just knowing in my mind that you makes me believe you’re a tad more optimistic than an outsider would be.

    Having said that, I still like the Brewers chances to edge the Reds. The Reds’ rotation just doesn’t impress me. It wasn’t all that impressive last year and unless Chapman makes an impact as a starter is there any reason to believe it will be any better in 2011? Their rotation is better suited for regular season play because they have 5-6 solid starters, but no front end starters which would be needed to win a post season series. However, their line up is sick and can probably absorb some of the slack.


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