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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

The Brewers will be without Ryan Braun tonight against the Braves. That’s a pretty big blow, as Braun is quite clearly the best hitter on the Brewers so far this year, with a wOBA of .463 and a staggering 16.4 runs above average in only 32 games. Hopefully, this injury is only a one day loss or something similarly short term for Braun, as the Brewers will not be able to withstand a long-term loss of one of their top two position players.

For just this one game, however, the Brewers should be fine. Jody Gerut and Jim Edmonds both have the platoon advantage against Tim Hudson and both project as somewhere around .360-.370 wOBA hitters against RHP. Corey Hart gets the start in right field to round out the outfield, and he’s also seen somewhat of a resurgence this season with a .353 overall wOBA. Certainly, the Brewers outfield isn’t as good as it can be, but it still looks to be above average at the plate tonight.


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