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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch the game, as the Bucks game was shown on FSN in my area (#FearTheDeer baby!). Here’s some thoughts from watching over GameDay.

Randy Wolf‘s first start is leaving me with mixed feeling. His velocity was down from 89 last year to about 87.5 this start, and I’m afraid that the gopher balls and extra base hits will come if his velocity stays that low. However, eight strikeouts to no walks in seven innings is very encouraging. In order to reliably get to that level, though, he’ll probably have to get more than seven swinging strikeouts. Overall, not a great start, not a terrible start. He’ll need to be better for the Brewers to make the playoffs.

It’s great to see McGehee get off to a fast start. His minor league numbers are poor, so it’s no surprise that much of the blogosphere considered him a weak spot on this team. He’s going to have to put up another good year before I’m convinced, but games like this are great to see.

Fielder and Weeks showed the best parts of their games tonight – power and discipline. Combined, four walks, a double, a homer, and a single in 8 plate appearances. That’s an .871 wOBA tonight, and according to linear weights these two hitters produced about 4.7 runs all by themselves. That’s great production from the 1 and 4 spots – arguably the two most important spots in the lineup.

Hart drew an 8 pitch walk? Wow.

Hawkins looked impressive, finishing his inning in 12 pitches and getting two strikeouts. Hoffman looked a little shaky, giving up a triple, a single, and a sac fly, but it’s early. I really like our bullpen this year, as the potential 6-7-8-9 of Carlos Villanueva, Todd Coffee, LaTroy Hawkins, and Trevor Hoffman is very, very good.

For the Rockies, Ian Stewart is one hell of a hitter. Obviously, he’s not this good, but it’s not completely a fluke. Look for him to be a big part of a good Rockies team this season. I’m also a big fan of the entire outfield for the Rockies, of which only Carlos Gonzalez (2-5, 2 RBI) had a good night.

How about that Greg Smith? Somebody called that, I think.

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