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If you use Tumblr (which I do), you should really be following Trade Trees, an awesome blog which posts flow charts of various MLB trades throughout history.  Today, they modeled one which is close to our hearts as Brewers fans: the Gary Sheffield trade tree, which eventually devolved into the Richie Sexson trade tree.  It spans nearly 20 years, and, as expected, we get some pretty good names out of it.


As requested yesterday, here’s Gary Sheffield being traded from Milwaukee to San Diego.  This is one of the largest trees we have featured here.  This one dovetails nicely with the Richie Sexson trade featured awhile back.

(Click to embiggen)

– Sheffield should’ve been a star for Milwaukee. Although some talent came in during this 20 year aftermath, there’s no doubt that Sheffield’s issues damaged the Brewers as a franchise.

– Even though it didn’t pan out as well as it could, the Sexson trade was a HUGE win for the Brewers. Capuano and Overbay alone were huge for Milwaukee.

– Trading Gabe Gross for Josh Butler sucked.

– Max Walla had a K-rate over 40% in the Arizona Rookie League. Possibly the worst supplemental draft pick in the club’s history.

– Marco Scutaro was a Brewer?

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