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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

First off, a quick programming note: apologies for going AWOL the last two weeks. I had a busy (but extremely fun) time first in Arizona during the annual FanGraphs meetup and then in Florida for National Club Baseball Association spring training. We’ll get to more Brewers-centric analysis soon, but first, I’d like to go on record with my predictions for the 2011 season, given the nature of the punditry that myself and others partake in.

I entered this in friend-of-the-blog Larry Granillo’s annual prediction contest over at Wezen-Ball, where you and yours are also most welcome to participate (although I don’t know why you’d bother…). Without further ado, here are my hardly-pored-over predictions for the 2011 baseball season.

American League             National League
Boston Red Sox     96 66 Atlanta Braves 91 71
New York Yankees91 71 Philadelphia Phillies 89 73
Tampa Bay Rays    89 73 Florida Marlins 85 77
Toronto Blue Jays 79 83 New York Mets 78 84
Baltimore Orioles 72 90 Washington Nationals 70 92

Chicago White Sox 88 74    Milwaukee Brewers 87 75
Detroit Tigers          84 78    Cincinnati Reds       85 77
Minnesota Twins     82 80    St. Louis Cardinals 85 77
Cleveland Indians    71 91  Chicago Cubs          80 82
Kansas City Royals  68 94   Pittsburgh Pirates    73 89
___________________________Houston Astros       64 98

Texas Rangers 87 75             Colorado Rockies 88 74
Oakland Athletics 82 80        San Francisco Giants 85 77
Los Angeles Angels 75 87     Los Angeles Dodgers 84 78
Seattle Mariners 70 92           San Diego Padres 80 82
____________________________Arizona Diamondbacks 72 90

Playoff Predictions

American League Division Series

Boston Red Sox over Texas Rangers
New York Yankees over Chicago White Sox

National League Division Series

Milwaukee Brewers over Atlanta Braves
Colorado Rockies over Philadelphia Phillies

American League Championship Series

Boston Red Sox over New York Yankees

National League Championship Series

Milwaukee Brewers over Colorado Rockies

World Series

Boston Red Sox over Milwaukee Brewers

American League MVP: Adrian Gonzalez
National League MVP: Prince Fielder
American League ROY: Jeremy Hellickson
National League ROY: Brandon Belt
American League Cy Young: Jon Lester
National League Cy Young: Roy Halladay

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Justin says: March 21, 2011

    Aw, come on! You have the Crew going all the way to the Series but dropping it to the BoSox? Take that optimism the rest of the way, man!

  2. Kyle says: March 21, 2011

    a) I play club ball at tennessee and pitched against wisconsin congrats on stomping us. (assuming you go there)
    b) It will be very interesting to see who gets the wild card in the NL

    • Jack Moore says: March 21, 2011

      Yeah… I had a rough week down there. I was the lefty DH and probably the only one who didn’t get a hit for us in that game.

  3. Taylor says: March 25, 2011

    Come on! The Rockies are a much more proven team than the Brewers are! So we can beat an elite team like the Phillies but lose to a question mark in the Brewers? (I wanna see if Grienke and Marcum can pitch at Miller Park before I say anything about them)

    • Jack Moore says: March 25, 2011

      Playoffs are the crapshoot of all crapshoots. I could’ve just flipped a coin to advance teams and would’ve felt just as confident on the picks.

  4. Carl says: April 7, 2011

    I respect a guy who will publicly put his team in the big game in his predictions and stand by it. Here’s hoping you’re wrong about the outcome of MIL vs. BOS!


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