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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

With the news released last week that former Milwaukee Braves shortstop Johnny Logan will be the 17th member of the Miller Park Walk of Fame, we began putting together the framework for our own ode to the greats of Milwaukee baseball.

Here’s the deal:

We hope to create our own DoU Hall of Greatness, in which we similarly enshrine important members of Milwaukee baseball history, but we wish to open the voting to the DoU community. Members of the media and current Brewers’ officials have an vehicle to make their voices heard. We want to present you with the same opportunity.

In terms of induction guidelines, the DoU Hall of Greatness shall have the same guidelines as the current Walk of Fame: (1) 65% of the vote is needed for induction, (2) individuals must finish with at least 5% of the vote to remain eligible in future years, (3) individuals must have spent at least three years in Milwaukee and retired from baseball for at least three seasons, and (4) only ten names can be included in each individual ballot.

The voting will take place over the next couple weeks on DoU. In an effort to make the opening vote a bit more manageable, we will break up the voting. The first round of voting will consist of Milwaukee Braves players and officials. From there, we will move to the 70s — then the 80s, 90s, and onward. Breaking up the voting in year one will hopefully avoid players falling through the cracks due to an overwhelming number of potential inductees.

To vote, email your ballot of up to ten players/officials to with the title “DoU Hall of Greatness.” We’re avoiding a simple online poll because it risks multiple votes from readers through clearing cookies and the like. Simply email your ballot by the end of the published voting period, and check back for the results.

With that said, let’s transition to the first ballot, which centers on players or officials who spent at least three years in Milwaukee during the Milwaukee Braves years. Some of the names you may wish to consider include:

Hank Aaron
Lew Burdette
Warren Spahn
Joe Adcock
Del Crandall
Johnny Logan
Andy Pafko
Joe Torre
Eddie Mathews
John Quinn
Bill Bruton
Bob Buhl
Fred Haney
Felix Mantilla
Johnny Logan
Frank Torre
Wes Covington
Lee Maye

The purpose for this project is not just to enshrine some of the greatest in Milwaukee’s baseball history, but to also inspire research into Milwaukee’s baseball past. I have already found myself learning about former Braves players. It’s important to cast the scope of our focus backward from time to time and to appreciate some of the great players who have come through Milwaukee over the years.

I’m looking forward to reading your ballots. Remember this vote just encompasses the Milwaukee Braves era, and you only get ten names per ballot. The deadline to vote is Wednesday, January 23 at 12:00pm, so send your emails prior to that point to be included in the first vote.

And be sure to check back later in the week for the early results and the next ballot for the DoU Hall of Greatness.

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