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Khris Davis Interview

By on March 8, 2013

Khris Davis is one of the Brewers’ most paradoxical prospects. When you meet him, you immediately notice that he does not have imposing size.  He is relatively soft spoken. His bat speaks loudly, though. Despite scouting reports detailing his defensive limitations and lack of top-end speed on the base paths, he has risen rapidly through the minor league system. His keen eye at the plate and plus-bat have temporarily overshadowed his other limitations as a player, but how high is Davis’s ceiling given his profile as a corner outfielder in an organization that currently employs Ryan Braun?

His 2012 season was filled with peaks and valleys, posting a .350/.451/.604 line during his time in Huntsville and Nashville despite two DL stints due to a calf injury. He was chosen for a spot on the Arizona Fall League roster, but failed to make an impact, hitting .226 in 15 games. However, he has shown up in a big way at spring training this year, currently riding a three-game home run streak. The big question surrounding Davis is what will the Brewers do with him if he keeps hitting at such a high level?

Note: This interview was conducted near the end of the 2012 season.


Will Wojcik: Tell me about when you found out you got a spot on the Arizona Fall League roster.

Khris Davis: It felt good to hear. I am more anxious than anything. You’re going to face a lot of good arms in there.

WW: It’s going to be some good competition for you.

KD: Yeah, and I really just want to get at them. I am a big “beast mode” cat, so I want to play the best.

WW: You are undoubetdly one of the up-and-coming prospects in the Brewers system. Tell me about your expectations at the beginning of this year. Did you think you would jump all the way up to Triple-A?

KD: No, not at all. There are a lot of ups and downs in a season, and I definitely experienced that this year with my calf injury. I missed quite a bit of time. But when I came back, I came back strong and ready to play.

WW: It seemed that you were either on the DL or raking this year. What was your time on DL like for you?

KD: It’s a lot of downtime, and you want to be out there helping the team. When you are on the DL, you feel useless to the team. It’s frustrating because you can’t be out there with your fellas playing and having a good time. You’re just kind of…

WW: Hanging out?

KD: (laughs) Just kind of lounging around, man.

WW: Tell me a little bit about your background. You grew up in California and went to school at Cal-State Fullerton, right?

KD: Right.

WW: Tell me about your time at Fullerton. I’ve actually been to that campus, and they are pretty serious about baseball.

KD: I love Fullerton. I got to live with family while I was there. It’s a smaller, commuter school and it doesn’t have a football team, so on Saturdays baseball is what’s going on.

WW: Fullerton has a pretty long history of good baseball, and that campus is really passionate about their baseball.

KD: That’s one of the reasons I went there.

WW: What were your goals at the beginning of this year?

KD: My goal every year is to play in the All-Star Game. If you are an All-Star every year in minor league ball, they can’t keep you down here forever. Even when I get to the Major Leagues, I want to be an All-Star. That’s pretty much my main goal. Not a certain number of home runs or anything like that. I just want to be an All-Star.

WW: So is that your goal for next year? Or is your goal to make it to the big league?

KD: They say getting to the big league is all about timing. It’s out of my control. I can control whether I play well enough to make an All-Star team.

WW: Thanks for the time, Khris. Good luck to you.

KD: I appreciate it, man.

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