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Disciples of Uecker

We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

First, the good with Capuano.

– Four strikeouts, only one walk

That’s as far as I can get. Then comes the long list of bad.

– 80 pitches in only 3.2 innings.
– 7 hits, which can’t really be construed as poor BABIP luck because…
– 5 groundballs against 5 fly balls and 3 line drives.
– 57.5 strike percentage (league average is roughly 62%)
– 2 wild pitches

It wasn’t exactly an encouraging start for Capuano, but he’s got the entire season to figure it out, and it’s not like the Brewers roster is loaded with better options.

Other notes:

– Loe looked good again. Two strikeouts, no walks, no runs, and the fastball even broke 90. Still not terribly excited, but we have no depth and so getting a look at a 28 year old is definitely a “well, why not?” proposition.
– Zach Braddock fired 17 strikes in his 21 pitches.
– Trevor Hoffman pitched like Trevor Hoffman according to his line (2 K, 1 LD base hit, 1 fly out). However, his velocity was down to 82-83. The data might be a bit wonky (Capuano didn’t throw 45 changeups, as Brooks Baseball suggests), and I missed the game, so I don’t know what to think of this.
– Joe Inglett continues to rake in a PH role. Don’t get used to it – he’s not that good and there is no such thing as a professional pinch hitter. He’ll come back to earth soon enough.
– Craig Counsell is awesome. But you already knew that.

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