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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.


This seems like the perfect game to be mad at Ken Macha. Dave Bush had completely recovered from what was a brutal first inning and was only 81 pitches deep after six innings. Instead of leaving him in, Macha decided to pinch hit Joe Inglett, who flew out as part of a scoreless 7th inning. Then, Macha went to Trevor Hoffman, who proceeded to allow three runs and effectively blow the game, which ended 6-4 despite the best efforts of Corey Hart, who hit yet another home run in his improbable rise to the top of the NL HR leaderboard.

Unfortunately, two balls landed within about a foot of the foul line, one of which was about a foot from Corey Hart’s glove. It’s possible that a better RF makes that play, but that just screams “bad break” to me. At 21-31, everybody is probably tired of bad breaks. Well, with the talent on this team, that’s going to happen a lot.

It’s hard to blame Trevor Hoffman for this loss. It’s hard to blame Ken Macha for this loss. Really, unlike most of the Brewers’ losses this year, it’s hard to blame anybody for this loss. Instead, I choose to credit the Marlins for this victory. Ricky Nolasco is a very good pitcher, and he shut down the Brewers offense for most of the night. The Marlins have a decent bullpen, and they managed to get our offense out while their offense produced in the late innings.

Yovani day tomorrow. Be happy.

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