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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.


Probable Pitchers: 

Monday: Brent Suter (38.0 IP, 2.84 ERA, 7.58 K/9) v.  Jose Quintana (117.1 IP, 4.22 ERA, 9.82 K/9)

Brent Suter takes the mound on Friday for the Brewers, and he’s been the Brewers’ best pitcher this month, allowing five runs over four starts in place of the injured Chase Anderson. Jose Quintana will be making his third start for Chicago (A/NL), where he’s allowed three runs and struck out 19 over 13 strong innings.

Thursday: Junior Guerra (58.2 IP, 5.22 ERA, 7.06 K/9) v. Kyle Hendricks (66.0 IP, 3.05 ERA, 7.64 K/9)

If the Brewers brain trust could be counted on to make reasonable personnel decisions, it would be a foregone conclusion that Guerra would be the odd man out once Chase Anderson, who threw off a mound earlier this week, is ready to return. That Wily Peralta remains employed by the team belies that notion, so we are left to instead hope against hope that Junior Guerra will suddenly become the pitcher he was a season ago. If he doesn’t, the Brewers will be in trouble Saturday against Hendricks, who returned Monday after missing nearly two months with a hand injury.

Wednesday: Zach Davies (117.1 IP, 4.45 ERA, 6.14 K/9) v. John Lackey (108.2 IP, 4.97 ERA, 7.62 K/9)

Folks, this season, John has really Lacked the key to success, if you know what I mean. His -0.1 fWAR is the second-worst in the National League among qualified starters, thanks in large part to his 2.07 HR/9 rate, the second-highest in the majors on a leaderboard that is dominated by AL pitchers.

Davies has quietly turned a corner after getting blasted by the league-worst Phillies two weeks ago, throwing 14.2 innings without an earned run over his last two starts. He remains tied for second behind Clayton Kershaw for the league lead in wins, an indictment of the set of popularly accepted pitching statistics.

Series History:

2017: 4-5 (1-2 in Milwaukee)
All-Time: 156-264 (81-78 in Milwaukee)

The last time the Brewers saw the Cubs, they clubbed them 11-2 in a one-game series to make up the rainout that wasn’t. It is also the last time I experienced happiness.

Are the Cubs Good?

Leave me alone, anyway.

What are we to do, Travis? Are we to die in our beds?

The Brewers season is at the part of The Lion King just immediately following the (spoiler alert) death of Mufasa. Tragedy has befallen our young heroes for the very first time, and it is up to them how they will respond. Will they befriend the comic relief duo, find new direction in the wilds, bang their childhood pal and return to first place to murder their uncle while everything is on fire for no reason? Or will they find the antics of the pig and rodent offputting and sulk off into the barren desert to die?

Look, it’s not a perfect metaphor. The point is, The Lion King is the best Disney movie, and to be honest you might be better off watching that. I don’t have a great feeling about this series.

The Playing Against The Cubs For The Soul Of The NL Central Drinking Game

Every time you see a baseball, drink.

Milwaukee Broadcast Information:

Friday: 7:10 pm on FS Wisconsin and 620 WTMJ
Saturday: 6:10 pm on FS Wisconsin and 620 WTMJ
Sunday: 1:10 pm on FS Wisconsin and 620 WTMJ

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