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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.


Probable Pitchers: 

Friday: Matt Garza (17.2 IP, 2.55 ERA, 7.64 K/9) v.  Matt Harvey (35.0 IP, 5.14 ERA, 5.14 K/9)

It seems impossible, but here we are in the year of our lord 2017 and in this matchup of Matts, the Brewers have a distinct edge. Garza has returned from a season-opening injury as the closest thing he’s ever been to the pitcher the Brewers thought they were buying when they handed him the largest pitching contract in franchise history in 2014. Harvey, on the other hand, is making his first start after returning from a team-delivered suspension for a litany of off-field issues, including his decision to stay off-field during the Mets game earlier this week.

Saturday: Zach Davies (35.1 IP, 5.60 ERA, 8.15 K/9) v. Robert Gsellman (31.2 IP, 6.54 ERA, 6.82 K/9)

Davies is slowly starting to repair the damage he did to his ERA in his first few starts of the season. While Davies has looked better of late, he still has yet to complete the sixth inning in a start, which is certainly a concern for a Brewers bullpen that is not exactly full to bursting with talent. He had his longest outing of the season last time out, striking out a season-high seven Pirates over 5.2 innings.

Sunday: Wily Peralta (35.2 IP, 5.30 ERA, 7.82 K/9) v. Jacob deGrom (42.2 IP, 3.80 ERA, 12.66 K/9)

deGrom is so good that it hardly seems possible that he’s still playing for the Mets, and not sitting on their disabled list with a debilitating injury. He leads the National League with a 33.3% strikeout rate, second across the big leagues only to Chris Sale.

Series History:

2017: First meeting
All-Time: 55-72 (25-37 in Milwaukee)

Are the Mets good?

That’s a complicated question. The Mets have a lot of talented baseball players on their roster. Unfortunately, most of them are dead. The Mets are missing their left fielder (Yoenis Cespedes), first baseman (Lucas Duda), third baseman (David Wright), catcher (Travis d’Arnaud), Opening Day starter (Noah Syndergaard) — oh my god this list is long — third starter (Steven Matz), fifth starter (Seth Lugo), and closer (Jeurys Familia).

So are they good? No, not right now. They’ve inserted Brewers castoff Tommy Milone into their starting rotation. They are giving regular at bats to not one, but two Riveras of questionable talent level: T.J. and Rene. The average age of their starting lineup is 57 years old. Still, at 16-17, the Mets are anything but buried. Their goal for now is to tread water until the can start getting some healthy bodies back on the field.

Who is the most handsome Mets player?

The most handsome Mets player is Captain America, David Wright (posthumous R.I.P. David).


Old friends, new enemies

Jay Bruce, OF: Bruce, who is my sworn mortal enemy and upon whom I will someday exact my complete and ultimate revenge, carries a .283/.364/.591 slash line in Milwaukee. Among active players, only Albert Pujols has hit more home runs against Milwaukee. If I saw Bruce in the street, I would immediately challenge him to a fight to the death, as is required by the blood oath I swore upon the life of my first unborn child.

Milone, RHP: He won’t appear in this series against Milwaukee, but it’s worth noting again that the Mets, who were in the National League playoffs last season, are giving starts to Milone on purpose.

If the Mets were a Taylor Swift GIF, which one would they be?

giphy (3)

Milwaukee Broadcast Information:

Friday: 7:10 pm on FS Wisconsin and 620 WTMJ
Saturday: 6:10 pm on FS Wisconsin and 620 WTMJ
Sunday: 1:10 pm on FS Wisconsin and 620 WTMJ

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