Milwaukee Brewers 2014 Position Preview Series | Disciples of Uecker

Disciples of Uecker

We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

There is still time to catch up our position-by-position preview of the Milwaukee Brewers before the first pitches are thrown in anger. Here are all the links, one last time:

3/10: Ryan previewed the catcher position

3/11: Curt previewed first base

3/12: Jonathan previewed second base

3/13: Steve previewed third base

3/14: Vineet previewed short stop

3/17: Adam previewed left field

3/18: Alex previewed center field

3/19: Ryan previewed right field

3/20: Jaymes previewed the top of the  rotation

3/21: Nicholas previewed the back of the rotation

3/22: Curt previewed the team’s rotation depth

3/25: Tim previewed the closer role

3/26: Curt previewed the setup men

3/27: Jaymes previewed left-handed relief

3/28: Nick previewed long relief

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