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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

The Milwaukee Brewers released the rosters for each of their minor league affiliates on Monday afternoon. Since this site will follow the farm system so closely this season, setting the stage with the individual rosters seems rather prudent.

Nashville offers no surprises. Perhaps the closest thing to a legitimate surprise lies in the fact that Amaury Rivas will pitch out of the bullpen. After his implosion last season, it makes complete sense to transition him to a relief role and see if his stuff and control can play up in shorter bursts.

Mark Rogers will serve the remainder of his suspension — which was 50-games for a banned stimulant last August — and subsequently join the Sounds’ rotation. Reports out of camp have been cautiously optimistic regarding Rogers, and some guns have clocked him into the mid-90s yet again this spring. Given the fact that he is attempting to overcome a bizarre carpel tunnel issue, that kind of velocity encourages the mind to fantasize about what he can ultimately be on the mound yet again.

Again, no surprises. Note that Josh Prince has been converted from shortstop to center field. No explanation from the organization has been given at this point, though he should not steal too much playing time from the starting outfielders in Huntsville.

The combination of Jim Henderson and Santo Manzanillo should have the Huntsville stars throwing heat out of the bullpen. Keep an eye on Rob Wooten, though. He enjoyed a very impressive spring camp and has begun to capture the attention of various scouts. Closing at the big league level may not be in the cards, but Wooten could develop into a very solid middle reliever for the Brewers.

This starting rotation is stacked. Just stacked. Even Eric Arnett is considered a sleeper prospect to bounce back this year. The right-hander continues to rebuild his mechanics and make his delivery more repeatable and less harmful on his arm, and the Brewers organization believes he still has something left in the tank.

It will be interesting to see how the Timber Rattlers attempt to dish out playing time between Rafael Neda, who should be on his way to Brevard County in short order with a hot April, and Tyler Roberts. Both deserve reps as a starter. Only one can receive the everyday job, however.

The starting rotation appears rather uninspiring. Can Tommy Toledo put his low-to-mid 90s fastball into the rotation? Can Chad Pierce impress in his home state? Can Drew Gagnon prove himself worthy of a third-round draft pick? Lots of questions for the starting rotation.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Matt says: April 3, 2012

    So is it safe to assume that Nick Ramirez and Max Walla will be back in Montana yet again? I had hoped that Ramirez’s promotion would have stuck, even though he was over-matched in Wisconsin. He seemed so much further ahead than the rookie league.

  2. @THEKID_ says: April 3, 2012

    Seeing the Rattlers roster to start out the season it doesn’t make me feel nearly as bad that we’ll be moving from The Valley to Madison in the next month or two. I know i’m in the minority of people that supported their local MiLB team with some passion and just wanted to see them compete a little versus being gutted at the mid-way point (or sooner) each season and not getting a sniff of winning since the Brewers took over for the Mariners.

    And before I’m jumped on…I know what the minors are for. But having been here since ’96 there have been a lot of teams in the Midwest League that have won…and the Rattlers haven’t been one of them. At least when the Mariners were here they sent talent and there were years where they competed. Since the Brewers arrived they’ve been at or near the bottom and a lot of players have skipped Appleton or not stayed very long.

    I know a few people over at the Rattler’s offices and they’ll never say it, but it’s got to be tough to promote baseball around the rosters that they’ve been getting from the Brewers. Especially this year with both #1 picks headed straight to Brevard County. I mean, they can only hope for so many near sell outs due to Brewer rehabs.

    So while Doug Melvin didn’t really keep the promise he made at the opening PC about keeping teams together and letting them grow and win like Fielder, Weeks, etc. did coming up through the system.., it wasn’t all bad. I did enjoy two straight seasons of former Tennessee BaseVOLS in Kentrail Davis & Cody Hawn.

    I’ve gone on average to about 30 games a year (35 last year) and will miss it. But i’m looking forward to getting on the Mallards band wagon in Madison. Sure it’s several steps down in talent, but it’s still kids busting their humps playing the great game of baseball. And, I’m looking forward to having a team who stays intact the whole summer :)

    • desertfool says: April 3, 2012

      I haven’t made nearly as many T-Rats games as you…. but I love seeing the kids that do stop in Appleton go up the chain. Sure, we don’t get the best of the best, but what low-A team does? I grew up in a AAA town (Rochester). Everyone I knew says they saw Cal Ripken Jr. play. He was only there for a month or so (I have more memories of John “T-Bone” Shelby!) I know I cheered for Reggie Keen last year. Good to see him move up.

      Go T-Rats!

  3. Tater says: April 3, 2012

    Ramirez has a hamate injury and Walla a finger injury.

  4. desertfool says: April 3, 2012

    Where is D’Vontrey Richardson? Did he get traded and I didn’t hear about it?


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