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** Article written by Ryan Topp and J.P. Breen **

The 2012 MLB Draft is scheduled to begin on Monday evening at 6:00 PM central time. The first round and the first supplemental round will be completed on Monday, while the remainder of the rounds will be split between Tuesday and Wednesday.

As always, Disciples of Uecker plans to bring you extensive coverage, not only on draft day, but for the remainder of the week, as we attempt to discern exactly what the Brewers accomplished with their draft selections.

Before the draft begins this evening, however, here are some links to get caught up with the latest news and notes:

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For the second-consecutive year, the Brewers will enjoy multiple draft picks in the first round. The loss of Type-A free agent Prince Fielder resulted in the #27 and #38 draft picks from Detroit as compensation, while the #28 selection is simply the organization’s standard allotment based upon their win-loss record in 2011.

With that many selections, Milwaukee has naturally been connected with players all over the board. One person connected with all thirty teams said he has heard seventeen names as possibilities for Milwaukee at #27. The consensus seems to be, however, that the Brewers desire a mix of pitching and hitting in their first three picks, and the organization has spent the majority of their time scouting prep players this spring.

Most mock drafts have the Brewers selecting prep catcher Clint Coulter with their first pick of the first round. ESPN’s Keith Law even went as far as to say Coulter to Milwaukee is generally seen as a lock within the baseball industry, though Jim Callis of Baseball America stated that no one really knows where the Coulter rumors originated.

On Friday night, however, a source informed me that the Brewers definitely like Coulter, but it does not appear Coulter will be available when the Brewers draft at #27. Although it has not been reflected in any major mock drafts at this point, it sounds as if another team covets Coulter earlier in the first round.

That leaves names such as prep outfielder Lewis Brinson, who has been a very popular name connected with the Brewers as of late, and prep right-hander Lucas Sims. The Brewers have reportedly been scouting Sims heavily all spring. Though, Milwaukee scouted Sonny Gray all last spring, too, and eventually had no intentions of drafting him due to his diminutive stature on the mound, so simply scouting a player does not guarantee selection whatsoever. Prep lefty Hunter Virant has also been connected to Milwaukee throughout the majority of the spring.

Keep in mind, no one can legitimately predict who the Brewers will draft at #27 and #28 at this point. The Brewers are connected to far too many names and far too much uncertainty precedes them in the draft to accurately project anything with a modicum of certainty. That does not mean we cannot identify possibilities and connect “players of interest” to Milwaukee, though. That, we can certainly do.

Stay tuned to Disciples of Uecker throughout the week, as we look to provide top-notch draft coverage throughout the week.

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