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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

While working on the 1970s installment of our “Hall of Greatness” voting, I was surprised to learn the number of notable performances made by Brewers relievers. Sure, I’d known about Ken Sanders, but how about Bill Castro or Jerry Bell? For a decade without many notable starting pitching performances, there is a good argument to be made for voting for Brewers relievers.

Bill Castro: 25-23, 253 G, 44 SV, 411 IP, 2.96 ERA (131 ERA+)
Ken Sanders: 14-23, 195 G, 61 SV, 321 IP, 2.21 ERA (154 ERA+)
Bob McClure: 45-43, 352 G, 73 GS, 34 SV, 842 IP, 3.97 ERA (99 ERA+)
Eduardo Rodriguez: 38-35, 235 G, 38 GS, 30 SV, 659.7 IP, 3.78 ERA (100 ERA+)
Jerry Bell: 17-11, 69 G, 28 GS, 283 IP, 3.28 ERA (109 ERA+)
Jerry Augustine: 55-59, 279 G, 104 GS, 944 IP, 4.23 ERA (91 ERA+)

These are some arms to consider if you’re submitting a 1970s Hall of Greatness ballot today:

As before, send in your ballots to Include “DoU Hall of Greatness” in your subject line, and list which players for whom you’re voting in the body of the email. The voting will close for this era on Monday at 5:00pm central time.

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