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By on March 23, 2016

In the coming weeks at Disciples of Uecker, there will be some changes in the writing and management staff. You will see much of the same content you love, but you will see younger voices that will begin their trek into the Brewers fan blogs and analysis publications. More to come on this thread, soon.

This is a thrilling time to step back, myself, as a writer. I have less to say, and I believe my voice is needed less: last year presented about as contradictory an opportunity as one could imagine, as the chance to cover the Brewers daily as DoU manager served as an oddly positive spin on what was a disastrous MLB season. Yet, the strong minor leagues, quick rebuild by Doug Melvin, and massive offseason by David Stearns already places the Brewers in great position in 2016. They will be the surprise team of the season, of this I am confident. So, it will be thrilling to see a new set of voices find their way in such a transitional time.

In a way, this is a perfect circle. I first dove into the wonder of baseball stats during the 2004 season, which was a tough growing-pains-rebuilding year for the Brewers (remember our 41-34 Milwaukee Nine standing only 3.5 games back on July 1? Or the 6-21 August?). It turns out that baseball analysis, empiricism, and mysticism clicked with me, and I have been lucky to ride the coattails of some fantastic writers throughout the Brewers community. With this journey in mind, it is only fitting that Disciples of Uecker will see new voices in a similar growing-pains-rebuilding year. But this time, we might hopefully call it counterbuilding instead.

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