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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

On NBC Sports’s baseball blog, Hardball Talk, there is a post from Aaron Gleeman titled “Brewers manager Ken Macha tired of ‘negativism’ and ‘poppycock’

Aren’t we all tired of negativism and poppycock? Here’s Macha’s full quote:

Sunday was an exceptional day and to have any negative questions in this meeting today is poppycock. Because we had a tough game on Friday, a game where we battled back on Saturday against a team that’s leading its division in the American League, at their ballpark, had a blown save, played extra innings and had everybody on the staff come in and volunteer to pitch innings, then come back and beat them Sunday.

That’s an incredible win. We should come home on a high and be positive and ready to turn this thing around. If we continue the negative thoughts and negativism, it’s not going to come around. All of the Brewers’ fans should be positive. I know my staff, myself, we’re positive. We have some things happening in our bullpen now. We’re going to try to correct the difficulties we’ve had. It should be a positive mood right now.

This is almost too easy. The reason that we’re disappointed is simple. We’re not winning games. To say that winning one game should bring a positive mood suggests, to me, low expectations. This is a team that made the playoffs in 2008 and competed for much of 2009. To be 17-27, in 5th place in a weak NL Central, and already 7.5 games out of both the division race and the NL Wild Card is unacceptable.

This is where your negativism and poppycock is coming from.

2010 pace, at 18-27, a .400 winning percentage, is 64.8 wins.

Start winning games and the negativism and poppycock will be gone.

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