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New Directions

By on March 24, 2016

Following yesterday’s note about my own writing plans, I am introducing Gabe Stoltz as the new Manager/Editor/Owner at Disciples of Uecker. Gabe is a sophomore at UW-Milwaukee, where he studies journalism. He also serves as the Assistant Sports Editor at The UWM Post, which covers an array of professional sports and UWM teams. I am equally excited to hand the site over to Gabe because of his enthusiastic fandom and his journalism skills.

My favorite thing about Disciples of Uecker is its fan-oriented nature: sure, there is analysis, argumentation, and scouting discussion, but ultimately the main draw is passion about the Brewers. So, as a DoU fan first and foremost, I thank you all for your readership, and hope you follow the new direction of the site.

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