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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Via Lookout Landing, the World Series odds for every team in the NL Central:

Cardinals 14-1
Reds 20-1
Cubs 30-1
Astros 65-1
Brewers 65-1
Pirates 150-1

It’s difficult to argue with the Cardinals and the Reds at the top. The Cardinals suffered from a weak back end of the rotation (as well as the cancerous Jeff Suppan) but competed most of the season while the Reds rode their young talent to their first playoff season in 15 years.

The Cubs at 30-1 are a bit baffling. They didn’t play quite as poorly as their record suggests, but, despite my obvious biases, I just don’t see the talent on that roster yet to put together a winning season.

Although I heavily disagree, I’m not surprised that the Astros odds are equal to the Brewers. People are simply looking at end of season records with no consideration of context. The Astros outplayed their Third Order wins (adjusted for context and schedule) by nearly 10 games. The Brewers are just a far more talented team right now (and I think they’re better than the Cubs, too), which speaks more to how bad the Astros roster is right now more than anything else.

The Pirates at 150-1 are the worst odds of every MLB team. I think the Pirates are an up-and-coming team in this division and that they have a chance to win something like 75 games thanks to the infusion of talent they received from the mionr leagues last season. However, the pitching just isn’t there yet, so another 60-70 win season is a possibility in Pittsburgh.

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