Disciples of Uecker - Part 152

Disciples of Uecker

We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

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Wisconsin 3, CEDAR RAPIDS 0: Odorizzi, Rosario Combine For No Hitter

If there was any doubt that Jake Odorizzi is the top pitching prospect in the… [More]

The Manny Parra Post

By on August 24, 2010

The Manny Parra Post

I’m not ready to give up on Manny Parra. I can hear everybody now. “Of… [More]

David Riske Released

By on August 23, 2010

David Riske Released

It seems to me that the Eric Gagne contract is brought up very often when… [More]

Playing Spoiler

By on August 20, 2010

Playing Spoiler

The Brewers aren’t in the playoff race anymore, but that doesn’t mean that the games… [More]

Zelous Wheeler, D’Vontrey Richardson, And Kentrail Davis Have A New Challenger

The three best names in the Brewers minor league system are now on notice. That… [More]

The Exorcism: June 7th, 2010

On June 7th, 2010, the Brewers were 23-34. It was the low point of the… [More]

Brewers 3, CARDINALS 2: 598

By on August 18, 2010

Brewers 3, CARDINALS 2: 598

It’s really unfortunate that the debacle that was the 9th inning of today’s game will… [More]

Brewers 3, CARDINALS 2: Axford Records Yet Another Multi-Inning Save

There are a few other talking points from this game as well – particularly a… [More]

First Rounder Covey Goes Unsigned

The deadline for signing picks from this year’s First Year Player Draft passed at 11:00… [More]

Prince Fielder and Clutch

By on August 16, 2010

Prince Fielder and Clutch

There’s no getting around it – Prince Fielder has failed in many clutch situations this… [More]