Disciples of Uecker - Part 172

Disciples of Uecker

We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

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Edmonds Traded to Reds for OF Dickerson

In one of those rare, post-deadline waiver deals, the Milwaukee Brewers have acquired Chris Dickerson… [More]

Gallardo Atop NL K/9 Leaderboard

This year has seen a major step for Yovani Gallardo – he’s gone from a… [More]

CUBS 15, Brewers 3: Still A Series Victory

I have a final tomorrow, so here’s all I have to say about this game…. [More]

Brewers 4, CUBS 3: Series Victory

This was an old school victory, or some kind of nonsense like that. The Brewers… [More]

Brewers 18, CUBS 1: Life As A Cubs Fan In One Game

I’ll give up a sweep to the Astros if it means one of these any… [More]

Brewers Extend Corey Hart

By on August 2, 2010

Brewers Extend Corey Hart

Corey Hart signed a three year extension today, believed to be worth $26.5 million over… [More]

Why I’m Worried About Braun’s Power

Quick hit today. Braun just hasn’t shown the ability to pull the ball with force…. [More]

Brewers Trade Deadline News

Nothing happened. Go outside.

Reaction to Fielder And Hart Pulled Off Market

A source close to ESPN’s Keith Law (Insider link) has informed him that the Brewers… [More]

Villanueva Demoted

By on July 28, 2010

Villanueva Demoted

Carlos Villanueva was sent down to AAA after today’s game, according to Adam McCalvy, in… [More]