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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

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Davis’s Return

By on July 9, 2010

Davis’s Return

It’s extremely disappointing that we don’t get to see Yovani Gallardo make one last start… [More]

Dan Gilbert Is Completely Insane

I’m sure that not everybody that reads this blog is a basketball fan. Still, even… [More]

Giants 9, BREWERS 3: Swept Away; Talking About Macha

I was mercifully locked in a classroom during this game; here are my impressions from… [More]

Giants 15, BREWERS 2: Chart

I have a final tomorrow, so no recap, and I see that I was lucky… [More]

Announcement: Partnership With SeatGeek

We have a new addition to the sidebar on the left, across from our beloved… [More]

Giants 6, BREWERS 1: Same Time Last Night

FanGraphs: Did you watch last night’s game? Then you already know what happened. Wolf pitched… [More]

Giants 6, BREWERS 1: Bush Performs, Bats Sleep

FanGraphs: I’ve been a bit hypercritical of Dave Bush lately, both in this space and… [More]

Very Quick Series Recap: Brewers 2, CARDINALS 2

The reason I put the Brewers first here is that I consider any road split… [More]

Braun, Gallardo, Hart Make All-Star Team

The power numbers just haven’t been there for Ryan Braun this year, but apparently the… [More]

A Simulated Conversation Between Barry Zito And Andrew Baggarly

Sorry for the lack of content – look for a series recap post similar to… [More]