Disciples of Uecker | We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool. - Part 7

Disciples of Uecker

We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

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2016: STACKED Rattlers

By on November 2, 2015

2016: STACKED Rattlers

While working on 2016 previews, I have been wondering about whether GM David Stearns will… [More]

Batting Structure: Team Overview

Following up on the Brewers’ “Offensive Battles” analysis, I thought it would be fitting to… [More]

2016: Fun With the Roster

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Prospect Pitch F/X: Arizona Fall League

Rejoice! Now that the Arizona Fall League is well under way, fully functioning player pages… [More]

Offensive Battles & Rebuilding

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First Pitch: Aggression & Discipline

One of the most redeeming aspects of the 2015 MLB playoff broadcasts is the extent… [More]

Collapsing Middle Rotation

While working on the 2015 runs prevented rankings for the National League, I noticed a… [More]

Replacement By Design

By on October 21, 2015

Replacement By Design

What I find especially telling in yesterday’s list of full-time, 800+ IP rotations is the… [More]

Improving Pitching & The Five Man Rotation

In the 2015 National League, six teams produced 800+ inning pitching rotations. ROTATIONS IP /… [More]

Hitting Wins Championships

Fans of the Brewers should share in the agony Cubs fans are currently feeling. It… [More]