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Pitcher Hitting Update

By on August 21, 2011

The Brewer starting pitching staff has proven to be one of the best in the league. This staff also excels at something that can get overlooked but is obvious to people who watch many games– that they’re also all quality hitters, which is something that provides some real value.

Yovani Gallardo isn’t having the year with the bat he did in 2010, but that was an extremely rare occurrence and shouldn’t be expected to be repeated– he provided 1.5 WAR in just 72 plate appearances. This year he’s hitting .222/.263/.333, and with his above-average baserunning score, he’s added almost a full win (.8 wins) to the Brewers’ chances this year. Greinke and Marcum each are at .4 WAR batting, and Narveson and Wolf are both at .2. Cumulatively that means the Brewers pitching staff has been worth about 2 wins. I wanted to see if that’s a big number when compared to other teams.

The Phillies are slightly under 1

The Cardinals are at about .5

The Reds are slightly over 1, with Dontrelle Willis providing half that total

The Braves are also slightly over 1

The Diamondbacks are at 2.3, led by Daniel Hudson, who is at 1.1 and hitting .326

The Giants are at .8

So it’s not a comprehensive look, but it does look like this is a department that the Brewers have a nice advantage in over much of their competition in the NL.

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