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Disciples of Uecker

We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

I appeared on the Grantland Network’s podcast with Jonah Keri this morning, talking Brewers baseball in the NLDS, potentially in the NLCS, and going forward.

Check it out, and check out the other guests too if you’re wondering what’s up with the other six teams still alive in the postseason.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Ed says: October 6, 2011

    Mr. Moore I know you are a columnist but you are SUCH A HOMER! OMG Please give the D-Backs some credit somewhere will you? (BTW Putz lived up to his name alright) He doesn’t like Motel 6, “He Putz the light out for ya.”

    Enjoy your podcast talking about Game 5. Your conversation about the NLDS “and potentially in the NLCS” should be quite interesting. Since Fielder is a done deal after this post-season is over this is the season to get it done for the Brewers or, like a brat you can put a fork in them and flip them over, they’re done for awhile. Everyone enjoys a game when the season and everything’s on the line. Well we got it, now enjoy it win or lose.

  2. cravizzle says: October 6, 2011

    Dear Ed,
    I don’t know if you realize this or not but just so you know THIS IS A WEBSITE FOR BREWERS FANS. AND YES WE ARE ALL HOMERS. If you would like an unbiased article please go some place else.

  3. Ed says: October 6, 2011

    Cravizzle…contrary to your insinuation, I AM NOT A MORON. A little background for you. I am, in fact, a former journalist for both print and video media.

    This is simply a column by Jack Moore. Jack does not even attempt to show impartiality or objectivity and that’s fine, because it is HIS column. Unfortunately, Jack doesn’t research the opposition or report events objectively to give his reader’s a fair perspective of what is going on. It is all subjective, which makes it an editorial commentary with a byline. It is grossly unfair to his readers to not even TRY to be unbiased, impartial or balanced to give all Brewers fans more to think and know about.

    I have no animosity towards Mr. Moore, the Brewers or the Brewers’ fans, in fact I actually grew up nearby and have a certain fondness for the area and it’s friendly people. With my Midwest upbringing I also have a certain expectation of other journalists to respect their readers and provide all the aspects of what is happening. I hope you can understand my feelings and respect that. Once again enjoy game five, with everything on the line, win or lose.

  4. cravizzle says: October 6, 2011

    I most certainly respect your feelings. I was simply making the point that the brewer fans who follow this site are hardcore brewer fans (you have to be hardcore to geek out submetrics like we do) and when you’re hardcore you tend to be biased. I just think its funny that you, a fan of an opposing team, are going to read this website and then comment on it being biased. That’s all.

    And your fist point in your frist comment is wrong, Mr. Moor is not a columnist. He is a blogger. And on blogs you can say whatever you want, it does not matter if your biased or not.

  5. Ed says: October 7, 2011

    Crazzil0e ~ I actually read several sites about other teams. I believe the more you know about your competition (and the more information you have), the better the understanding of situations and tendencies.


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