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Given Toby’s discussion about baserunning over the weekend and the constant talk on the FSN broadcast about how “aggressive” the Brewers are on the bases, I figured it would be a good idea to let everybody see how the team and the individual players are faring by the two most popular advanced metrics out there: Baseball Prospectus’s EQBRR and FanGraphs’s Bsr. All numbers are in terms of runs against average; -1 means one run worse than the league average, +1 means one run better.

First, EQBRR:

Team total: +2.5 runs.

Second, Bsr, which doesn’t include stolen bases or caught stealing.

Team Total: -2.9 runs

There’s a bit of dissonance here, and I honestly don’t know which metric to trust more at this point in time. The Brewers, outside of Prince and McGehee, have a team of guys with quality speed. However, they’ve made some truly boneheaded plays, which could negate that competitive advantage. But, as I said “presented without comment,” I’ll leave you guys to interpret these numbers as you will, and I’m sure they will be revisited in the future.

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