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Disciples of Uecker

We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Career games 10-282 (first two seasons with Milwaukee): .291/.346/.477, 119 OPS+, .315 BABIP

Career games 367-431 (July 6th-Present): .238/.304/.421, 103 OPS+, .267 BABIP

Career Games 283-366 (Beginning of season-July 5th): .222/.274/.308, 65 OPS+, .253 BABIP

The endpoints here aren’t completely arbitrary (and, I suppose, therefore the presentation isn’t completely without comment). On July 6th, Casey McGehee hit a pinch-hit home run against the Diamondbacks, prompting me to ask if we could believe in him again.

But here we are. Two seasons of very good, 84 games of awful, 65 games of decent. Which matters most? That, I leave for you to decide.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Brian says: September 20, 2011

    I think it’s pretty clear we should not totally give up on Casey, yet. Bottom line though, he is killing the team presently and needs to sit. We can not have a hitter at the plate in the stretch run or playoffs who is second guessing. Even worse, if he continues to play and hit this poorly, will it destroy his ability to bounce back?

  2. Ryan says: September 21, 2011

    With Weeks in the 5 spot it is a whole new ball game for Casey.

  3. Kris says: September 21, 2011

    Is Weeks gonna be in the 5 spot every day? Or at least for the playoffs? I don’t mind Casey hitting 6th even if he’s not good because he’s still better than first pitch inning ending double play Betancourt.

    Ideally I’d platoon Green and Casey and have Green hit vs righties. As smart as Roenicke is though I have to question his sense when Betancourt + Mcgehee are still everyday players. I think it’s because Yuni makes some defensive plays look harder than they are which makes for “flashy”, “highlight reel” plays.

    I also think Mcgehee is better defensively than metrics such as UZR suggest which is probably why Roenicke keeps playing him. That’s based solely on watching him (and I’ve watched probably 80% of the games this year).

  4. stabby says: September 22, 2011

    casey might be endurable if he fielded better, but he isnt, so he has to go –imho

  5. stabby says: September 22, 2011


  6. Randy says: September 22, 2011

    how can anyone defend the play of mcghee. he has been abysmal all season. he had one good year and people in wisconsin crown him a legend. he is a joke. maybe the cubs management actually got this one right. here is a prediction. casey challenges gorman thomas hitting performance in the ’82 series for biggest choke in brewers post season history. bench this bum before he sinks you roenicke.


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