Presented Without Comment: Differences Between 2011 & 2012 | Disciples of Uecker

Disciples of Uecker

We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Team Stat 2011 2012
Team wOBA .327 .324
Rotation ERA 3.78 3.95
Bullpen ERA 3.32 4.86

Which leads to…

One-Run Games W L
2011 30 18
2012 19 23

Which leads to…

Year Pythagorean Record Actual Record
2011 90-72 96-66
2012 55-55 51-59

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Cecil Cooper's Love Child says: August 10, 2012

    Bullpen and one run game variance. Just puts into perspective how special last year was and how close we could be to contention next year.

    • Bob says: August 10, 2012

      The bullpen is a big problem – one that has only started to be addressed. There is still a lot of work to do there before even thinking about contending.

      The rotation is another issue. You need to replace Grienke (probably not coming back). Hopefully Wolf makes his exit as well. If we at going to get that type of performance, I’d rather it come from a source more likely to show improvement.

  2. Doug says: August 10, 2012

    Well since it was so easy to isolate the one area that the Brewers have been underperforming this season (bullpen) – I am glad that Doug Melvin has been so proactive about making changes in the personnel in that department.

    Oh wait – he hasn’t. Jim Henderson may have been useful in say June or July – not August.

    • Henry says: August 11, 2012

      Right — because the moment that Axford and Rodriguez started faltering, everyone around here started clamoring to call up Brewers Top Prospect Jim Henderson.


      As good as he has been, bringing him up was a move born of desperation. A point to which I don’t think the Brewers were at in June. July, maybe, but by July Melvin was already trying other pitchers.

      • Doug says: August 13, 2012

        I don’t think people were clamoring for Henderson specifically. But to sit there and make no changes to the bullpen when it has been AWFUL for 110 games is just stupid apathy. Veras, Rodriguez, Parra and Axford have been completely ineffective. Why is the bulk of the personnel pretty much unchanged? Why not try something new at this point? DFA Rodriguez already and lets see some of the bodies from Nashville take a stab at it. The season is a lost cause (again I believe mainly because of Melvin’s stubborness) – after high hopes and the highest payroll in team history – all sunk because of unwilligness to address the chages that need to be made.


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