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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Brewers writer Adam McCalvy noted that the Brewers can secure their first four-game sweep of the Cubs this afternoon at Wrigley Field.

Shaun Marcum is scheduled to start for the Brewers today, in what could be his last start for our Milwaukee nine. Jaymes noted that the Brewers placed the junkballing Marcum on trade waivers, in an attempt to beat the waiver trade deadline.

Should this be his last start with the Brewers, Marcum has a chance to leave the club on a strong note. Unfortunately, Marcum’s playoff woes in 2011 and injury issues in 2012 generally overshadow the fact that he performed well when he was on the mound. Last year, Marcum allowed 84 runs over 200.7 IP, approximately 11 runs better than the National League / Miller Park average. Marcum’s performance was the best on the club in terms of runs prevented. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of 2012 is that Marcum was so good when he was working for the Brewers — his 37 runs in 87.3 IP are approximately 6-7 runs better than his league/park.

Of course, no matter how good Marcum’s performance with the Brewers, the strength of Brett Lawrie‘s performance in Toronto suggests that the Blue Jays duped the desperate-to-win-now Brewers. However, if one views the Lawrie trade as a “change of scenery” transaction to move the disgruntled prospect out of Milwaukee, Marcum’s performance will gain a fair fight over Lawrie’s dominating offense. I believe it’s a fair question to ask whether Lawrie would have been happy enough in Milwaukee to perform as great as his potential.


-Ryan wrote a thorough (and to my eyes, spot on) analysis of the Brewers’ treatment of prospect Jean Segura. As though the article summoned a response from the prospect himself, Segura played a key role in the Brewers’ 3-1 victory over Chicago last night. After Nyjer Morgan bunted safely and advanced to second on a fielding error, Segura singled home the go ahead run. Segura himself forced some inefficient defense from the Cubs, scoring on his stolen base attempt after a series of Cubs miscues. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say, may the Segura Show continue!

Love those throwing mechanics! Getty Images.

Fastballer Mike Fiers has cooled his fastball selection during the month of August. The righty is throwing his primary and cut fastballs just under 65% of his August selections. Last night, Fiers worked into the 8th inning against the Cubs, relying primarily on his bender. That’s right, Fiers threw 34 curves against 33 fastballs and 7 cutters at Wrigley Field. His 72-73 MPH curve was slow last night, but that’s actually a tick or two faster than his average curve during 2012.

Enjoy the ballgame this afternoon, Go Brewers!

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