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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

The Brewers went 9-6 in interleague play, tying the Cardinals for the best interleague record in the NL Central. Here’s how the individual series broke down.

May 21-23: TWINS 2, Brewers 1
15-3 MIN, 8-7 MIN, 4-3 MIL

Jun 11-13: Rangers 2, BREWERS 1
6-2 MIL, 4-3 TEX, 7-2 TEX

Jun 14-16: Brewers 2, ANGELS 1
12-2 MIL, 7-1 MIL, 5-1 LAA

Jun 22-24: BREWERS 3, Twins 0
7-5 MIL, 5-3 MIL, 5-0 MIL

Jun 25-27: BREWERS 2, Mariners 0
8-3 MIL, 5-4 SEA, 3-0 MIL

The Brewers won the season series against the Twins 4-2 thanks to the sweep. The Brewers scored 77 runs in the 15 games, for an average of 5.1 runs per game while allowing 63 runs, for an average of 4.2 runs per game. Basically, the Brewers were a well above average run scoring team and a slightly above average run preventing team in interleague play against some very, very good opponents – only Seattle is squarely out of the playoff race, and Texas and Minnesota are likely the two best non-AL East teams in the league. Milwaukee put up a .600 winning percentage against the AL and played like a .600 team. The Brewers’ performance in Interleague Play this year was certainly encouraging, and probably a large part of the reason that the NL looked better this year than they have since 2004 against the AL.

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