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Adam McCalvy talked to Brewers owner Mark Attanasio on Saturday, and Attanasio had some pretty interesting comments about the management of the Brewers.

First, on GM Doug Melvin:

“Doug Melvin is very, very secure. You’re not going to see any GM changes here. Absolutely not. Doug Melvin has built up too much credibility. You’re going to have to a lot more than even a bad season for him to have any issues with his job security. To all of our fans, look, it feels great to get it off your chest, but you’re going to have to be dealing with our general manager for a long time.”

Doug Melvin inherited the Brewers franchise at a terrible time. The 2002 team won 56 games and it was the 11th straight losing series in Milwaukee. Attendance was in the bottom half of the league and the Brewers play in the smallest media market in the game. Payroll barely scraped 50 million dollars. In only 3 seasons, the Brewers reached .500 and have been in the thick of playoff races every season up until this one.

As Attanasio says, one bad season out of a Melvin team is certainly not reason enough to fire him. He’s performed very well, and for every Jeff Suppan there’s more than one Ryan Braun, who has one of the best contracts in the league.

Second, Attanasio on Macha:

“I can tell you, unequivocally, we are not making a manager change on Monday. There will be no news on that on Monday. We could lose the next two games 15-3 and we’re not making a manager change on Monday.”

Which begged the follow-up, what about Tuesday?

“Doug needs to make those decisions, and Doug has been pretty firm in his support of Ken so I’m going to fall into line,” Attanasio said.

Attanasio is pretty clearly leaving the door open for Macha to be fired if things continue to go downhill. Attanasio also seems to be implying here that he will not be a part of this decision process. It seems like Attanasio and Melvin have a good working relationship and that Attanasio trusts the decision making of Melvin. If things continue as they did on Saturday, I think Melvin would have a hard time staying with Macha for too much longer. All we can really glean from this quote is that Ken Macha will still be the manager on Monday.


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