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Yesterday, we took a look at the best the Brewers farm had to offer in the minors on offense. Today, we’re looking at pitching! Let’s jump right in.

ERA (Minimum of 10 games started):Diplan

  1. Brandon Woodruff, 2.68 (Brevard County Manatees, Biloxi Shuckers)
  2. Marcos Diplan, 3.02 (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, Brevard County Manatees)
  3. Jon Perrin, 3.06 (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, Brevard County Manatees, Biloxi Shuckers)
  4. Josh Hader, 3.29 (Biloxi Shuckers, Colorado Springs Sky Sox)
  5. Brent Suter, 3.50 (Colorado Springs Sky Sox)

ERA (Minimum of 40 innings pitched, less than 10 starts):

  1. Nate Griep, 2.05 (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)
  2. Stephen Kolscheen, 2.54 (Biloxi Schukers)
  3. Clint Terry, 2.56 (Brevard County Manatees)
  4. Drake Owenby, 2.67 (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)
  5. Scott Grist, 2.71 ERA (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)

WHIP (Minimum of 40 innings pitched)

  1. Woodruff, 1.019
  2. Griep, 1.035
  3. Zach Hirsch, 1.074 (Brevard County Manatees)
  4. Grist, 1.077
  5. David Burkhalter, 1.096 (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)


  1. Woodruff, 173
  2. Hader, 161
  3. Yamamoto, 152
  4. Perrin, 144
  5. Diplan, 129

K/9 (Minimum 40 innings pitched):

  1. Kolhscheen, 12.1
  2. Hader, 11.5
  3. Quintin Torres-Costa, 11.3 (Helena Brewers, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)
  4. Jon Olczak, 10.7 (Brevard County Manatees)
  5. Freddy Peralta, 10.6 (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, Brevard County Manatees)

SO/BB (Minimum of 40 innings pitched):Perrin

  1. Tristan Archer, 9.11 (Biloxi Shuckers)
  2. Emerson Gibbs, 7.83 (Arizona Brewers, Helena Brewers)
  3. Perrin, 6.26
  4. Burkhalter, 5.75
  5. Nelson Hernandez, 5.50 ERA (Arizona Brewers)


  1. Kolhscheen, 23
  2. Griep, 23
  3. Damien Magnifico, 18 (Colorado Springs Sky Sox)
  4. Jaye Chapman, 10 (Biloxi Shuckers, Colorado Springs Sky Sox)
  5. Olczak, 10
  6. Colton Cross, 10 (Helena Brewers)

Cy Young: Brandon Woodruff


Woodruff not only led the Brewers minor league pitchers in innings pitched, ERA (among my qualified starters), WHIP, strikeouts and wins, but he led the minors in strikeouts. He came as far as anyone in the system and it’s hard to ignore his progress. There’s no doubt he earned the top recognition in the system and my fake award.

Most Improved: Jordan Yamamoto


The 20-year-old pitcher out of Hawaii has improved so much over the season. This is his first season with an ERA under 4, he dropped his whip by .8 over last year, doubled his innings pitched and nearly doubled hi SO/BB ratio. Jordan became a legitimate prospect in Appleton and his strikeout potential is really showing.

Most Disappointing: Jorge Lopez

jorge lopez

Lopez was the most exciting pitcher in the farm heading into the year, but he had no success at AAA. His already high walk rate went up, his K/9 went down, his WHIP increased by .7. He did find more success at AA, but considering he started the season as a consensus top 100 prospect in baseball and ended off all mid-season lists, it’s very clear that he had the most disappointing season in the system.

Other Notes:

The pitching staff is looking up. Phil Bickford and Luis Ortiz were added to the system in August and didn’t qualify for the Brewers list but have a good chance to be leaders on this list next season. What has historically been a weakness for the Brewers has finally taken a great turn. It’s time to get excited about the Brewers minor league pitchers!

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