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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

I hear things happened before this, but the real story of the game was Joe Inglett’s first relief outing. Boy, he was great! A six pitch inning! Let’s take a look at the Pitch F/X, courtesly of Brooks Baseball.

Inglett threw six pitches, all knuckleballs. Five of them went for strikes. Let’s take a look at the velocity chart.

Don’t let the axis fool you. Yes, Inglett’s knuckleball ranged from 51.5 MPH to 55.6. A major leaguer threw pitches in the low 50s to three other major leaguers. None of these major leaguers hit home runs. In fact, two of these major leaguers, Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto, are actually really good at hitting! Also, Orlando Cabrera had a good year a few years ago!

Maybe Joe Inglett just hit his spots?

Nope, nothing hittable here. I dare say this Inglett fellow has a future in this game. You heard it here first – watch out for Joe Inglett, knuckleballing relief ace.

It’s always impressive to see a pitcher people are unsure about fire balls across the field with a relative speed that would make a fighter jet blush. Inglett is an extremely talented player, and whether you’re an MLB devotee or someone who loves online poker just as much as watching the Reds and the Brewers face off against each other, it’s hard not to find your eyes drawn to pitchers with a wealth of hidden power.

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