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Remembering Jeremy Hermida

By on January 27, 2014

Remember Jeremy Hermida, the guy who hit a grand slam in his first career at-bat?

Remember Jeremy Hermida, whose name is mentioned in the same sentence as Kevin Kouzamoff for achieving that rare feat?

Remember Jeremy Hermida, who was once the Marlins top prospect?

Remember Jeremy Hermida, who the Marlins spent the 11th overall pick on in 2002?

Remember Jeremy Hermida, the guy who lived up to that promise and posted a -0.8 WAR in his first full season?

Remember Jeremy Hermida, the man who was supposed to hit .300/20/75 next year?

Remember when Jeremy Hermida played for the Athletics and the Red Sox? (I honestly don’t)

Remember Jeremy Hermida, who’s spent the past five seasons with six different organizations?

Remember Jeremy Hermida, who has a 46% whiff percentage on off-speed pitches hasn’t really ever been able to hit them very well?

Remember Jeremy Hermida, the guy seems like he’s still moving his way up the Marlins organization but really turns 30 next week?

Yeah, that guy. Well the Brewers signed him to a minor league contract, in case you missed it. Get jacked, Milwaukee. Minor league contracts are awesome.

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