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Right Where We Want Them

By on October 16, 2011

There’s an interesting debate on the use of the pronoun “we” when talking about sports team. When I write here, I like to at least pretend to be objective, hence I don’t use “we” when referring to the Milwaukee Brewers. In conversation? Sure. It’s just the parlance of our times, even though we as fans don’t really have much to do with the team’s success.

So when I say the Brewers have the Cardinals “right where we want them,” I am not referring to the players or the coaches or the management, because this is pretty obviously not where they would ideally want to be right now. They want to be up 3-2, or even more so, they want to be out of this series and preparing for a matchup with the Texas Rangers.

But if you had told any Brewers fan in March, or April, or May, or June, or July, or August, or September or two weeks ago or even three days ago that the Brewers would have a chance to win two straight game at home to go to the World Series? We’ve seen the Brewers win so often this season, so convincingly, and so consistently. We all would have taken that offer in a heartbeat.

This is why we watch baseball, after all. We, speaking as a fan, have exactly what we want, right here. Our team, at our place, with a chance to get to a championship. There is nothing left to do but watch our Milwaukee Brewers write their story on the field.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

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  1. Swanny says: October 16, 2011

    Dear Jack,

    Thank you kindly for keeping this blog such a consistent and informative site. I sure do appreciate your optimism, whether it derives from math or just hopeful thinking. Whatever happens tonight (currently 9-4 in the fourth), I sure hope you keep with the blog in the coming off season, should it start tomorrow or two weeks from now. I would eagerly check in to read up on any hot stove news. Thanks again for the stellar work. Go crew..and Tony La Russa can eat sh*t and die.
    Respectfully yours,

  2. Ed says: October 27, 2011

    I have mentioned previously that your “objectivity” needs some work but it’s understandable since, as has been pointed out, THIS IS A BLOG not a column.

    I enjoyed your stories Jack and again the invitation to catch a spring-training game out in Arizona is still open.


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