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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Dealing with a nagging inflamed thumb, noted worst man in baseball Ryan Braun ended the longest homerless streak in his career with a three-homer performance that led the Brewers to their fourth consecutive victory in a 10-4 drubbing of the Phillies.

Now with second career game with three homers (4/30/12 vs. San Diego), Braun had gone 98 consecutive plate appearances without a home run. A three-run jack in the third inning ended the streak and an opposite-field homer on a high sinker tamed most of the questions surrounding the impact of his thumb on his power.

Adam McCalvy noted that one major reason for Braun’s big afternoon was a swing adjustment.

“I eliminated my leg kick, kind of shortened my stride and make it as simple as possible,” Braun said. “That’s easy to say when you have a good day, though. The thing is, it impacts my bat speed, it impacts my bat path, it impacts everything. So the quicker I’m able to get that down, the better chance I have to find a swing that works.”

Braun’s shortened swing was especially evident on his second homer. Kyle Kendrick left a 89 mph sinker up and out over the zone and Braun kept his head and shoulders square, driving the ball out to right-center. It was a quicker swing without his prominent leg kick. And it led to a homer. I’m all for that result.

The swing may not have been the only aid in Braun’s big day–Phillies fans showered him with boos throughout the game, which added an additional sense of sweetness to each homer. Phillies fans weren’t the only ones mad about it. I did a quick Twitter search of “Ryan Braun cheater” and found some of my favorites. Enjoy.






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Tell us what do you think.

  1. oh Hal says: April 9, 2014

    As a study of society, the techniques that are common in politics work on sports figures as well. MLB drove and defined the news cycle over a long period by using anonymous leaks, controlled access and a grossly incompetent media, many who it is an understatement to refer to them as “management sources.”

    The loud guy near the mic – it may be a confabulation – probably has a tidy rationalization for cheering for Marlon Byrd or Carlos Ruiz. Ironically by using a legal loophole, Ruiz may have played the game using a PED and MLB is silent and powerless. He’s an amphetamine user who now claims to have ADHD. Getting that diagnosis at his age is suspect to say the least.

    What’s really needed to top it off is Kruk with a long moralization and then a rationalization of his comment on how his championship teams were filled with steroids and amphetamines.

    All in all a huge success for MLB and manipulating story lines.

  2. Nicholas Zettel says: April 9, 2014

    The best revenge is living well.

  3. Greg Royce says: April 10, 2014

    For me, I support my chosen team and accept Braun as part of that group. He is most certainly a cheater, but he’s a cheater who is hitting for my team. In my perfect world he’d go 0-5 and the Crew would win. Less than perfectly, he strikes out three times before delivering a key triple late in the game. The turd can hit.

  4. matt says: April 10, 2014

    I do get a kick outta all the tweeters who are the smartest purest baseball fans. NO ONE, and I really mean NO ONE, has even come close to the medical end of this. We don’t even know if what these guys are taking is even detrimental to them. Amphetamines have been proven, the old horse steriods players used to take have been proven, but a lot of this new stuff no one knows anything about and is merely illegal because of one ingredient in the stuff.

    What’s also true is we still don’t have a gauge on who all uses enhancers and who doesnt because the testing can obviously be flawed/mishandled. I wont even condemn braun for getting the technicality in the first charge, because had the tester been doing his job according to the protocol MLB had set out in the first place, it wouldn’t be an issue.

    I think more medical testing needs to be done on various drugs to have proper knowledge on what’s good and what’s bad, instead of instituting policy based on ingredients……. anyone who knows basic high school chemistry knows its not the ingredients that make the potion but how they are mixed and what levels of ingredients are used.

    Also if these drugs are used in a manner strictly to heal and haven’t been proven to be detrimental long term they should be allowable as well.

    The uneducated (on the subject) purists, along with the public manipulation by MLB makes the whole steroids policy one giant joke.


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