Should Brewers let Weeks or Wang go? | Disciples of Uecker

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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Eric says: May 3, 2014

    Neither. Look at Scooters number vs lefties. BRUTAL. Rickie has done ok against them .
    Wang just needs to be on the roster for another 30 days or so. They can DL him and bring him back in Sept when the roster size expands. He only has to be on the active roster for 90 days for us to keep him

    • Ryan Topp says: May 3, 2014

      For now, looks like you’re right with the decision to place Braun on the DL. You’re right about both things, too, but I’m still not really sure that they’ll be able to keep carrying these guys all year. I’ll be interested to see if they’ll really be willing to play games with Wang like that or not and bring down the wrath of the commissioners office on themselves. I also think Gindl is probably a better use of a roster spot than Weeks eventually, but there is still time for that.

    • Luke says: May 5, 2014

      They are hoping that Weeks would get hot to trade him. Scooter may struggle against Lefty’s but it is time for Weeks to find a new venue. I think it would be better for him before his career is over and good for us to maybe get some compensation or an extra prospect.

  2. Wyatt says: May 3, 2014

    Well, with Henderson on the DL and Braun possibly headed there we can keep both of them for now. Wang is valuable in the future so it would not be smart to let him go. Weeks is a constant disappointment and an expensive one. The Brewers can probably wait for Week’s traditional season ending injury though.

  3. Tim says: May 3, 2014

    Weeks is getting paid too much for little production. Let him goooo

    • Ryan C says: May 3, 2014

      He’ll get paid regardless because baseball contracts are guaranteed.

    • Eric says: May 3, 2014

      Why let him go? You’re paying him either way

      • Okinawa Gorman Hai says: May 3, 2014

        B/c with Wang and Weeks, Brewers are basically playing with a 23 man roster. You cannot keep winning doing things like putting Reynolds in RF, pitching Maldonado, and avoiding obvious double-switches b/c you have an inflexible bench. The money (easy for me to say) is secondary.

        • dbug says: May 5, 2014

          As far as it concerns Weeks, they are making the problem worse. Weeks hit well in the Spring, but then the relegated him to one start a week and occasional pinch hitting. You don’t have to start Weeks, but they should be giving him more at bats when matchups are in their favor. Gennett is okay, but it’s not like he keeping the team afloat.

  4. donte says: May 5, 2014

    i think they should keep weeks because his a veteran and they count on these young guys to produce. the biggest problem is the brewers are trying to limit weeks abats so they do not have to pick up his opt.year on his contract it a money issue.


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