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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Today, SweetSpot ran a story containing team grades for every MLB team. Here was my submission for the Brewers:

The Brewers were missing a ton of firepower through April, as Zack Greinke, Corey Hart, Jon Lucroy, Nyjer Morgan and Takashi Saito all missed significant time. However, they managed to stay above ground before catching fire in late May, as the first four of that fivesome returned in rather glorious fashion to help take eight wins out of nine in a month-ending homestand. The pitching appears to be the real crux of this team for the first time in years. With Greinke in the rotation, the Brewers posted a 3.85 ERA and an even more impressive 3.11 FIP as a group in May.

The offense will need to pick up, as it has been merely average thus far, posting a 103 wRC+ as a unit. Yuniesky Betancourt and Carlos Gomez may continue to drag things down, but at least a platoon in center field could help a bit. However, it’s just hard to imagine a group with Rickie Weeks, Hart, Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder as its top four staying down for this long. With so many talented players on the roster, the Brewers appear poised to make a run at the NL Central title. If the offense and pitching can click at the same time, National League beware. Grade: B+.

It’s worth checking the full story, linked above, for grades from the other SweetSpot bloggers.

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