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Episode 35│Defensive Struggles

The Milwaukee Brewers finish their first home stand of the season 2-5 against the Cardinals and Cubs thanks to lack a hitting and some really poor defense. J.P., Ryan and Steve discuss what has them worried, and what will hopefully turn around in the next… [More]

The Brewers’ Defensive Bulwark

For some reason, the Brewers have often, and recently, had a reputation as a subpar defensive team.  I really don’t know why this is. There are two reasonably-advanced systems that can be aggregated to measure overall team defense: Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) and Ultimate Zone… [More]

Braves 9, BREWERS 2: Defense

Unfortunately, it’s finals week for me and my last final is at 7:45 AM on Thursday morning, so I don’t have time for too deep of an analysis. The clear turning point of this game was when a ground ball from Jason Heyward got under… [More]