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Offensive Battles & Rebuilding

In 2015, the major culprit for the difficult Brewers campaign was the starting rotation. Really, unfortunately, the major culprit was ineffectiveness among a couple of veteran pitchers, and then injuries and some first-full-season-adjustments by young organizational arms. On the offensive side, injuries were really the… [More]

On Arms and Baserunning

By on September 24, 2015

On Arms and Baserunning

In my final follow-up to our rousing debates on Khris Davis over the last week, I realized that I needed to take opposing arguments about Davis’s arm a bit more seriously. Certainly, the statistics say that Davis’s glove is better than his arm is detrimental;… [More]

The Davis / Gennett Connection

As the Brewers introduce their new GM David Stearns, fans will have the opportunity to fully assess the legacy of President & GM Doug Melvin. Recently, the 2009 draft will be one of the thorny issues to untangle, as the regular players emerging from that… [More]

Memorable Brewers Moments: Power Players

Milwaukee is best known for one thing: slugging the ball. Sure, the history of the organization features some solid pitchers (Yovani Gallardo, Teddy Higuera, and Ben Sheets being the leaders), and lately the clubs have been known as much for pitching, speed, and situational baseball… [More]

Rickie Weeks & Khris Davis

By on September 21, 2015

Rickie Weeks & Khris Davis

During our rousing Khris Davis debates over the last few weeks, it occurred to me that these disagreements are rather similar to those involving Rickie Weeks. Both players exhibited true strengths around the peripheries of the game (including plate discipline / walking, power, and speed… [More]

Khrush: Ballplayer

By on September 15, 2015

Khrush: Ballplayer

Throughout the season, Khris Davis has remained a steadily popular and dividing player among Brewers fans. One common phrase about Davis, uttered on Twitter and in comments sections, is that the left fielder’s arm apparently impacts the Brewers in a negative manner. The obvious defenses… [More]

Friday Morning Coffee: Spoiler Alert, Davis, Minors, Draft

If you grew up with the 2006-2014 Brewers as your favorite club, chances are you’re too young to remember a time when the Brewers were playing meaningless baseball in August; in that case, the San Diego Padres series introduced you to one of the (arguably)… [More]

Tuesday Morning Coffee: SP, Lucroy, Aramis, Trade Season

After scoring at least four runs in 12 of their first 16 games in July, the Brewers offense has gone completely cold. That cold streak extended from Phoenix to San Francisco, as Milwaukee lost to the Giants last night in a 4-to-2 affair. The game… [More]

Brewers Bats: Five Offensive Explanations

The Brewers sat at 12-23, with 133 total runs scored, on the morning of May 14 when I checked in with the bats. Their overall RS / G of 3.80 was somewhat misleading, however, as the club was in the midst of a 19-game hot… [More]

Batting Failures

By on April 20, 2015

Batting Failures

The Brewers once again kept a game close, tempting fans with an opportunity to seize a road victory, but ultimately fell to the Pirates on Sunday afternoon. The Pirates completed the series sweep, handing the Brewers their worst start in franchise history. Fans are instantly… [More]