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Why I’m Concerned About Nyjer Morgan at the Plate

Doug Melvin wheeled and dealed his way to an NL Central pennant in 2011. He augmented the starting rotation with the notable acquisitions of Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke, though the two best trades are seldom mentioned as significant contributors to the Brewers’ success. During the… [More]

2012 Preview: Milwaukee Brewers, Part I

Along with the rest of the National League, the Milwaukee Brewers’ run environment has declined, meaning that from their Wild Card appearance through their Division Championship, the Brewers’ offense remained consistently above average. 2008: 750 RS (Brewers) / 721 RS (league/park) 2009: 785 RS (Brewers)… [More]

Situational Baseball: The Brewers and Manufacturing Runs

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: the 2011 Milwaukee Brewers were one of the best teams in the league at manufacturing runs. That’s right — if you count the number of runs scored by the Brewers where the action was forced, where they were moving… [More]

Presented Without Comment: Nyjer Morgan, Filmmaker

***** Presented without comment:

Brewers Video of the Week: Two Obvious

Never could I imagine one baseball game providing so much great video (and audio). This week’s video(s) of the week (I couldn’t pick just one) each come from Wednesday night’s 7-6 victory against the New York Mets. After Nyjer Morgan stole all the headlines, it… [More]

Tony Plush Desktop Background

I think it’s safe to say that Nyjer Morgan has made it in Milwaukee. As if his scorching start to the season wasn’t enough, tonight’s walk-off win and awesome post-game interviews won over any stragglers. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out his awesome… [More]

Interpreting The Nyjer Morgan/John Buck Play

Although it didn’t end up counting for much in a 7-2 Brewers victory Monday night, this play in which John Buck dislodges Nyjer Morgan from first base, resulting in an out call, generated some controversy. With a runner on second base and two outs, Morgan… [More]

Boggs Gets Outrighted Again and Again and Again

UPDATE: Boggs, somewhat surprisingly, accepted his assignment to Nashville today. The logic of it makes sense on his part. As I said below, the Brewers have already shown the desire to call him up when a need arises. I’m sure Boggs will be up again… [More]

Brewers Claim SS Josh Wilson from the Diamondbacks

Hello, Disciples of Uecker. Jack, er, Mr. Moore recently reached out to me about writing here. I demanded a huge salary. He said no. I acquiesced. Jack drives a hard bargain. Here I am. In case you did not notice – which is completely understandable… [More]

Game 10 Thought: The Nationals Have Good Players

The perception among many Brewers fans coming into this series is probably that anything less than a sweep is a disappointment, given how poor the Washington Nationals have been the last few years. Although I do agree that losing the series would be a very… [More]