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The NL Central: Who Should Win It?

So here we are at the All-Star Break, with the Brewers clinging to a one-game divisional lead. After two months of acting disinterested, the Cardinals, Reds, and Pirates have come charging back. As of now, the Cardinals are one game back, the Reds one and… [More]

Mission June Accomplished, Now for July

At the end of May, I wrote that the Brewers lineup was facing a significant opportunity in the month of June: terrible pitching, the same level of crap pitching that the Oakland A’s tore up over the first two months of the season. The previous… [More]

The Brewers’ Somewhat-Reduced Need to Keep Winning

Last week, we talked about using your preseason expectation to constrain your enthusiasm over the Brewers’ highly-successful start. This week, I want to talk about something equally important: what the Brewers need to do for the rest of the season in order to be a… [More]