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Twitter Mailbag: Brewers Batting Order, Hall of Fame, Roenicke

“Given the current roster, what is your preferred batting order?” –@acmccabe To make everything less complicated, I’m going to set my lineup adjusted for platoons at second and first base. I’ll put my lineup out there and then explain some of my thought process. Segura,… [More]

Miller Park’s Foul Ball Wall of Fame

It was the second inning of Friday’s game between the Brewers and Cardinals. Carlos Gomez stepped to the plate as the NL leader in batting average. After going 6-for-37 (.162 AVG) through the first nine games of the season, Gomez had gone on a tear…. [More]

Fan Passion and Expecting Ax-cellence

According to ESPN radio personality Colin Cowherd, baseball will always be a dominant sport in the cities of the Northeast – New York, Boston, Philadelphia. Each city not only has a long baseball tradition but also an extremely vocal sports media and fan base. If… [More]

MARLINS 6, Brewers 3: Not Mad At Ken Macha

This seems like the perfect game to be mad at Ken Macha. Dave Bush had completely recovered from what was a brutal first inning and was only 81 pitches deep after six innings. Instead of leaving him in, Macha decided to pinch hit Joe Inglett,… [More]

Has Anything Changed With Trevor?

Trevor Hoffman returned to action on Sunday, but not as the closer of the Milwaukee Brewers. Hoffman instead returned as the setup man, recording a perfect inning including a strikeout. He threw 9 of his 10 pitches for strikes. Everything appeared to be as it… [More]

Brewers 4, TWINS 3: Axford Takes Brewers For A Ride

The Brewers managed to salvage a game in the Twins series today, thanks to a heroic effort from Brewers pitchers. Marco Estrada pitched well on no rest, striking out three and only walking one in three innings. Of course, that left six more innings and… [More]

Time For Trevor To Retire

Pushing this back to the top, given today’s events. Trevor Hoffman had a fantastic year in 2009. He managed to maneuver his 85 MPH fastball and legendary changeup into a 37 save season with a tremendous 1.83 ERA and 2.63 FIP. In 2010, we’ve seen… [More]

Now What? Solving The Bullpen Issues

Trevor Hoffman blew another save on Tuesday, and again it was via the home run. That makes 4 blown saves in 7 opportunities and 6 homers in 9 innings. Normally, I wouldn’t be ready to call a pitcher done after such a small sample. However,… [More]

Pirates 7, BREWERS 3: Trevor Time

It’s time to talk about Trevor. Hoffman blew his 3rd save in 6 chances in this game. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the save statistic – these advanced stats confuse us all at times – but that’s not good. Hoffman saved 37 of… [More]

Home Runs, Home Runs, And More Home Runs

The Brewers will enter this week’s series with Pittsburgh with a 5-7 record – certainly slightly disappointing for a team with the ability to contend. The scapegoat is easy to find – the pitching staff. So far, Milwaukee pitchers have allowed a 6.06 ERA –… [More]