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Spinning Wheels

By on September 20, 2012

Spinning Wheels

One of the difficult aspects of following a sudden Wild Card contender is that the cybermarket is flooded with loads of virtual ink analyzing said team and verifying the “what-ifs.” Of course, if this type of run happens to a team virtually overnight, there might… [More]

Exploration: Exceeding / Underplaying FIP

In case you had not heard, yesterday the Milwaukee Brewers released struggling southpaw Randy Wolf. Yesterday, Jaymes noted the news, and effectively summarized Wolf’s legacy in Milwaukee while looking forward: Thus, looking back, was the Wolf signing a good one? Probably not. But it’s not… [More]

Podcast, Episode 2.17: “Having Cake and Eating It Too”

After a hiatus that involved me relaxing and playing golf in the northwoods of Wisconsin, Ryan and I return with another episode of the podcast to discuss the Brewers and the Zack Greinke trade. Agenda: Introduction Mailbag: “Fire Ron Roenicke?” Zack Greinke Trade The Return Should… [More]


By on July 28, 2012


In October of 2008, the Brewers played their first postseason game in 26 years. I was there in attendance. It was a relatively forgettable game for Milwaukee, as they went on to lose to the Phillies 3-1; consequently, the most memorable moment for me actually… [More]

Brewers trade Zack Greinke to Angels

Over the past month or two, there were a lot of worries about what kind of return the Brewers would be able to get by trading Zack Greinke. Once Doug Melvin announced Greinke was on the market, though, supply and demand simply took over. Playing… [More]

Thursday Round Up: Trade ‘em all!

After spending most of the season reading about the Brewers’ losses the following morning, I had the joy of experiencing six consecutive losses on eastern time, without interrupting my sleep schedule. Needless to say, I was humbled by the idea that the Brewers might save… [More]

Breaking Down the Greinke Market

The temperature may have been a balmy 93 degrees when Cliff Lee threw his first pitch on Tuesday evening, but nobody likely felt the heat more than Brewers’ right-hander Zack Greinke. Ever since the organization announced that they would skip his start and allow him to… [More]

Quick Hits: Trade Rumors

By on July 24, 2012

Quick Hits: Trade Rumors

Here are some brief trade rumors that have been swirling this morning: >>  Doug Melvin had resisted tipping his hand in earlier weeks, but this morning’s story in The Capital Times has some telling quotations. “And I don’t view it as selling, we’re just trying… [More]

Brewers scratch Zack Greinke for next two series

July is already a month full of wild, baseless speculation. When something like this gets tweeted during most people’s lunch hours, things can get a little crazy: Now starting Wednesday vs. StL for the #Brewers will be Tyler Thornburg. Ron will address later. Greinke had… [More]

Mike Fiers, Fastballer

Mike Fiers is one of the best surprises of the Brewers’ 2012 season. As J.P. Breen stated yesterday, Fiers has yet to look back since the Brewers inserted him into their injury-depleted rotation. Even though Fiers has yet to reach his 50th inning pitched in… [More]