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Brewers Video of the Week: Greinke’s Ace Performance

Zack Greinke’s peripheral numbers are staggering. His 80 strikeout to nine walk ratio is fantastic. Still, one can be forgiven for wanting a bit more. Greinke’s ERA sits at 4.77, and if it weren’t for the terrific run support he’s getting, the backlash against Greinke… [More]

Big strikeout pitchers like Greinke and their ERAs

Note: this was lifted almost verbatim from a thread at Brewerfan. But I lifted it from myself and my own research (research on a Friday night, no less), so I don’t feel bad about it. The question: Is it possible for Zack Greinke to continue… [More]

Brewers Claim SS Josh Wilson from the Diamondbacks

Hello, Disciples of Uecker. Jack, er, Mr. Moore recently reached out to me about writing here. I demanded a huge salary. He said no. I acquiesced. Jack drives a hard bargain. Here I am. In case you did not notice – which is completely understandable… [More]